HRIDC invites bids for conducting Geotechnical Investigation for Bridges of Haryana Orbital Rail Corridor project

Haryana Rail Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd. (HRIDC) has invited bids for Conducting Geotechnical Investigation, preparation of Geotechnical report for designing of Bridges and for Embankment in connection with Construction of Haryana Orbital Rail Corridor (HORC) project from Palwal to Harsanakalan including connectivity to existing IR network in the state of Haryana.

Key Details:

  • Tender No.: HRIDC/GGN/Civil/2021/T/01
  • Approx. Cost: INR 346.52 Lacs
  • Completion period: 03 months
  • Date and Time of bid submission: 18.06.2021 at 5:00 PM to 28.06.2021 up to 03:00 PM.
  • Bids will be opened: on 28.06.2021 at 03:30 PM.


The main objective of this work is as under:

  • Preparation of Geotechnical Investigation report at minor, major, Flyover bridges along the entire stretch of HORC.
  • Preparation of Geotech Investigation Report for design of embankment and Earth Retaining structures. Geotechnical investigation will be carried out in such a way that, it covers the entire stretch. In the case where bridge location are far away from each other, additional borehole in between has to be carried out so as to meet the codal provisions/guidelines issued by Railways for design of embankment.
  • Preparation of Geotech  Investigation  Report  for  Station  Buildings  and  other structures.
  • The bidder must visit the site prior to submitting his quotations to acquaint himself fully with the nature, type, scope of work and involvement therein. The rates quoted shall remain firm during the entire period of execution till completion of the work and any additional claim for lack of knowledge shall not be entertained.

Scope of work:

The scope of work shall be as below but not limited to:

  • The work shall include mobilization of all necessary mechanical/hydraulic rigs inclusive of calyx in required numbers to achieve the progress milestones,  with necessary accessories, tools and plants, providing necessary engineering supervision and technical personnel, skilled and unskilled labours, arranging water, drilling fluid, casing for drilling etc as required to carry out the entire field as well as laboratory investigation, analysis and interpretation of test data collected and preparation of a geotechnical report for designing of Embankment, Earth Retaining structures, Minor, Major, Flyover bridges, Station Building and other structures. No extra payment will be  made  for  mobilization  of  plant  and  machinery  and  is  included  in  the  rate  of drilling.
  • HRIDC will provide the location and Reduced Level (RL) of nearest bench marks. The contractor shall make his own arrangements for locating the co-ordinates and position of bore holes, trial pits and other field tests as per the drawings/sketches supplied  to  him. The  contractor  has  to  provide  at  the  site  required  surveyor, skilled/unskilled  manpower,  all  the  required  survey  instruments,  T&P  to  the satisfaction of the engineer -in-charge so that the work can be carried out accurately according  to  the  specification  and  drawings.  The  Contractor  should  transfer the Northing, Easting and Reduced Level (X,Y and Z respectively) values and Borehole drilling to be taken up after satisfaction of site engineer.
  • Exploratory drilling to be conducted at every required interval along the alignment and proposed bridge locations, building structure locations and other structures up to a depth as specified in the technical specification/as decided by geologist and Engineer at site.
  • All the field data shall be recorded in the proforma recommended in Indian Standard Codes and the field records shall be countersigned by the engineer-in-charge or his representative. The contractor shall submit two copies of the field bore logs to the engineer-in-charge soon after the completion of each bore hole. All the investigations are to be carried out by the contractor as per the priority requirements of the engineer-in-charge.
  • Drilling locations will be provided by HRIDC. In the case where any structure is proposed bore will be drilled at structure location so that same data can be used for both embankment and foundation design.
  • Taking out of UDS and DS sample at specified interval and conducting Standard Penetration Test.
  • Recording of ground water table.
  • Conducting specified tests (in situ as well as in Lab) required for preparation of reports required for foundation design of bridges. All the laboratory test data shall be recorded  in  the  proforma  recommended  in  the  relevant  Indian  Standard  Codes. Whenever  desired,  during  the  progress  of  work  the  engineer-in-charge/his representative may also be present at the laboratory where the contractor is arranging for execution of the laboratory tests.
  • The contractor shall inform, well in time, to the engineer-in-charge giving reasons if any additional specific tests he considers necessary to be carried out duly considering local sub-soil conditions.
  • Preparation of Geotechnical Investigation report for embankment design (32.5T axle loading), Foundation design of bridges (32.5T axle loading) and Building structures.

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Source: HRIDC-Tender