In Conversation with Mr. Dileep Kumar, Managing Director, Dirak India Panel Fittings Pvt. Ltd.

Interview Insights:

Rail Analysis: Tell us about DIRAK and it’s journey in India?

Mr. Dileep Kumar: DIRAK INDIA is a 100% subsidiary of DIRAK Germany with our Indian office head – quartered in Bangalore along with a manufacturing facility. We have sales offices in all major Indian cities. DIRAK manufactures mechanical and mechatronic hardware for enclosure industry. Specialized in latching, locking, hinging, and gasketing. With a high number of patents and an international focus, DIRAK has become one of the world’s leading technology and systems providers in this field.

DIRAK celebrated our 25 years in India last year. Our customer relationships are built over the years through our quality product deliveries and I would say our success is through our consistent small steps over a long period. We have been growing with the Indian market and have a deep understanding on the market needs. Our products go into various industry segments like Energy, Machine Construction, Railways, Telecom and IT. Electrical Control Panels, Railways and renewable energy are the most active segments currently for us in India.



Rail Analysis: What is the R&D focus of DIRAK?

Mr. Dileep Kumar:  DIRAK has a huge focus on R&D and it is our biggest strength. We have over 400 patents in our area of expertise. Currently, we are relying more on our R&D capabilities in Germany which is our centre of excellence from where we get technology transfer and also training to our design engineers in India. DIRAK India R&D centre is in Bangalore and we are planning to grow our capabilities further in India.



Rail Analysis: Your views on the mechanical and mechatronic hardware industry in India and areas of improvement?

Mr. Dileep Kumar: Indian mechanical and mechatronic hardware industry has progressed over a period. We see many new application areas which require high quality components. Special design considerations for higher IP ratings, vibration resistance, flame retardancy, better material rating, EMI/RFI protection, higher security, options for remote operation are some areas where we see improvisations.



Rail Analysis: What are DIRAK India future plans in terms of expansion, improvisation, technological up-gradations etc?

Mr. Dileep Kumar:  Product innovation is our strength and we develop pioneering solutions that will actually help our customers. We stay focused on our core area of expertise through original thought process and keep coming out with new products. We have been consistently building our local manufacturing capabilities and this will be our focus in coming years. Infrastructure investments in the energy sector, Modernisation of railways, Metro rail projects in different Indian cities etc are supporting the market growth here in India and we are glad to play our role in these segments.



Rail Analysis: What are DIRAK’s product offerings in Railway Segment and it’s features?

Mr. Dileep Kumar:  DIRAK developed individual solutions for railway applications over the last few decades that have proven to meet the highest levels of safety and vibration resistance standards required at fast/high speed rail. The lifespan of rail vehicles requires high-quality, durable, and long-lasting products that always guarantee a secure connection in every environment of rail applications.

All products installed on the exterior of rail vehicles are exposed to extreme weather conditions such as temperature changes, dirt, UV radiation etc. These external factors demand high-quality materials and durable manufacturing. So, we develop solutions that can withstand the conditions of each respective environment and guarantee/ensure safe functionality.

Our compression products offer users maximum convenience while simultaneously applying uniform pressure, and ensuring your application is perfectly sealed – protecting the critical infrastructure from the ingress of dirt, dust, and water.

The long lifespan of rail vehicles requires high-quality products with special properties that can withstand high vibration and shock environments. So, we have placed great emphasis on shock and vibration resistance in our products and have tested them to ensure that they comply with the DIN EN 61373 testing standards.

Another important parameter is the fire protection. Reason for fire accidents in railways could be negligence, defects in electrical systems or arson. Containing fire require products that are fire retardant. Many of our products including rubber gaskets meet DIN EN 45545-3 standards. This has been our focus area for last few years and we developed many products for the Indian market meeting higher fire,safety standards.

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