Indian Railways achieves Freight loading of 26.14 million tonnes in October 2020; surpasses last year’s loading for the same month

Freight figures continue to impress and move on much higher trajectory compared to last year in terms of earnings and loading in the first week of October for Railway.

On mission mode, Indian Railways Freight loading for the month of October 2020 till 08th October 2020 crossed last year’s loading and earnings for the same period.

  • In the month of October 2020, till 08th October, Indian Railways loading was 26.14 million tonnes which is 18% higher compare to last year’s loading for the same period (22.1 million tonnes). 
  • In this period Indian Railways earned Rs. 2477.07 Crores from freight loading which is also Rs. 250.71 Cr. higher compare to last year’s earnings for the same period (Rs. 2226.36 crores).
  • In the month of October till 08th October 2020 Indian Railways loading was 26.14 million tonnes which includes 11.47 million tonnes of coal, 3.44 million tonnes of iron ore, 1.28 million tonnes of foodgrains, 1.5 million tonnes of fertilizers and 1.56 million tonnes of cement (excluding clinker).
  • It is worth mentioning that a number of concessions/ discounts are also being given in Indian Railways to make Railways Freight movement very attractive.
  • It may be noted that improvements in freight movements will be institutionalized and incorporated in the upcoming zero based time table.
  • Covid-19 has been used by Indian Railways an opportunity to improve all round efficiencies and performances.

Recent Progress:

Recently, the Indian Railways has been taking multifarious efforts to boost freight and Parcel traffic, aimed to serve the freight customer, better. For this, the newly launched Freight Business Development (FBD) Portal by Indian Railways will render a one stop solution for freight/Parcel customers.

  • With more than 4000 Freight Terminals served by more than 3,00,000 wagons, hauled by more than 12,500 Locomotives, carrying 1667 types of Commodities, Indian Railways, are the backbone of logistics sector of the country and is certainly the Lifeline of the Nation, carrying more than 1.2 Billion tonnes of freight traffic every year over 68000 km of Rail network.
  • With its very wide network touching almost every nook and corner of the country, Indian Railways plays a crucial role in facilitating a balanced and inclusive socio economic development of the country, carrying almost all commodities including bulk commodities like Coal, Iron ore, Iron & Steel, Food grains, Cement, Petroleum products, Fertilizer, containers and others.
  • During the recent Covid Lockdown, Indian Railways played a crucial role in Freight movement getting essential commodities across long distances and ensuring the availability of food grains and essential items.
  • With more than 4,000 registered customers and with 1300 E-Payment Customers, Indian Railways has emerged as the most friendly mode of land transportation, especially for freight and cargo as Indian Railway with the recently introduced advance parcel booking and Time tabled trains, has ensured the most competitive means for transportation and timely delivery of cargo.

Source: PIB-Press Release | Image Credit: South Central Railway