Indian Railways ensures supply chain fully functional for power, transport and key infrastructure sectors during the COVID-19 lockdown

Indian Railways has been fulfilling its commitment to ensure availability of important raw material and fuel through its freight services to meet the requirements of the power   transport and key infrastructure sectors during the nationwide lock down due to COVID-19. During the situation of lockdown, Indian Railways staff deployed at various good sheds, stations and control offices continued working with full devotion to ensure that the supply of essential items for these critical sectors does not gets affected.

Due to relentless operations of Railways,all power plants and Petroleum  depots have comfortable stock with them inspite of COVID 19 lock down .

During last 12 days from 23rd March to 3rd April 2020, Railways loaded and carried 250020 wagons of coal, and 17742 wagons of petroleum products (One wagon contains 58-60 ton consignment). Details are as follows:



DateNo. of wagons of


No. of wagons of petroleum products

To monitor the uninterrupted movement of materials fuelling the power, transport and infrastructure sectors and other essential commodities over Indian Railways, an emergency freight control centre is working in the Ministry of Railways. Freight movement is being closely monitored by officials at very senior level. Issues which were earlier being faced by Railways at many terminal points in loading and unloading operations are being effectively resolved. Indian Railways along with Ministry of Home affairs is keeping in touch with State Governments to sort out any such operational issue if they arise.

Source: PIB