Indian Railways Powers Ahead, Achieves around 93% Electrification in the Year 2023

In a significant stride towards sustainable transportation, Indian Railways achieve 6,577 Route Kilometres electrification in the calendar year 2023. Railway Electrification stands at 93.83% of total Broad Gauge route of Indian Railways. This ambitious initiative aligns with the railway’s commitment to providing an eco-friendly, faster, and energy-efficient mode of transportation.

More Details:

Progress Update: With a vision of providing an eco-friendly, faster and energy-efficient mode of transportation, Indian Railways is marching ahead towards 100% electrification of Broad Gauge tracks. During the calendar year 2023, Indian Railways has achieved 6,577 Route Kilometres electrification.

Previous Context: Total Broad Gauge (BG) network of 61,508 Route Kms have been electrified up to December ’2023 which is 93.83 % of total Broad Gauge route (65,556 RKMs) of Indian Railways. Until 2014, 21,801 KM of broad gauge network was electrified.

Railway Electrification offers benefits like:

  • Reduced operating cost.
  • Haulage of heavier freight trains and longer passenger trains due to higher haulage capacity of Electric Locomotives, leading to increased throughput.
  • Increased sectional capacity by eliminating detention on account of traction change.
  • Environment friendly mode of transport.

  • Reduced dependence on imported crude oil thereby saving precious foreign currency.

Indian Railways is steadfast in its commitment to achieving 100% electrification of Broad Gauge tracks, marking a monumental leap in the country’s railway infrastructure and fostering a greener, more efficient transportation system.

Source: PIB- Press Release | Images Credit (representational): MoR

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