Insights on Gati Shakti units created in different divisions of Indian Railways

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Railways is one of the key drivers of the PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan. The Ministry of Railways has set up a multi-disciplinary Gati Shakti Directorate in the Railway Board.

More Details:

  • The Gati Shakti Units in all 68 divisions are also created. The PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan has helped in expeditious sanction of projects, monitoring of execution of works and coordination with other Ministries/State Governments.
  • It has been targeted to commission 100 Gati Shakti Cargo Terminals. The locations identified/proposed for GCTs including those in Latehar and Chatra district of Jharkhand State, are annexed herewith.

Railway Wise list of identified locations of GCTs expected to be developed in next three financial years (Tentative Data):

S.No. Railway Division Location / SERVING STATION State
1 ECoR WAT Vadalapudi Andhra pradesh
2 SCR SC Jaggayyapet Andhra pradesh
3 SCR BZA Krishnapatnam Andhra pradesh
4 NFR LMG Kamalajari Assam
5 NFR LMG Ramnagar FCI GCT Terminal Assam
6 NFR LMG Bihara Assam
7 NFR Rangiya Jogighopa Assam
8 NFR Rangiya Baihata Assam
9 ECR SPJ Chamua Bihar
10 ECR SPJ Budhma Bihar
11 ECR SPJ Semra Bihar
12 ECR SPJ Bhelwa Bihar
13 ECR SEE Mansi Bihar
14 ECR SEE Pasraha Bihar
15 ECR SEE Khudiram Bose Pusa Bihar
16 ECoR WAT Amagura Chattisgarh
17 SECR BSP Lajkura Chattisgarh
18 NR DLI Narela Delhi
19 WR BRC Kayavarohan Gujarat
20 WR ADI Virochan Nagar Gujarat
21 WR RJT Makansar Gujarat
22 NR DLI Farukh Nagar Harayana
23 NWR BKN Lahli Harayana
24 NWR BKN Bhattu Harayana
25 NR DLI Naultha Harayana
26 NR DLI Palwal Harayana
27 NR UMB Chintpurni Marg Himachal Pradesh
28 ECR DHN Shivpoor Jharkhand
29 ECR DHN Phulbasiya Jharkhand
30 ECR DHN Shivpur – Godawari Commodity Pvt. Ltd. Jharkhand
31 ECR DHN Jarangdih Jharkhand
32 SER CKP Gua Jharkhand
33 CR Solapur Hirenanduru Karnataka
34 CR Solapur Wadi Karnataka
35 SR TVC Balaramapuram (BRAM) Kerala
36 SECR R Nipania Madhya Pradesh
37 CR Mumbai Taloja Panchanand Maharashtra
38 CR NGP New makardhokda Maharashtra
39 CR NGP Ghuggus Maharashtra
40 CR NGP Moorsa Maharashtra
41 CR NGP Sindi Maharashtra
42 CR NGP Kalmeshwar Maharashtra
43 CR Pune Patas Maharashtra
44 CR Bhusawal Varangaon Maharashtra
45 CR Pune Lonavala-Malavli Maharashtra
46 CR Mumbai Palasdari Maharashtra
47 CR Mumbai Kalamboli Maharashtra
48 SCR NED Dinegaon Maharashtra
49 NFR LMG Khongsang Manipur
50 ECoR KUR Machhapur Odisha
51 ECoR KUR Talcher Odisha
52 ECoR KUR Sukinda Road Odisha
53 ECoR KUR Jaipur Keonjhar Road Odisha
54 ECoR KUR Paradeep Odisha
55 NR FZR Chhina Punjab
56 NR FZR Kathunangal Punjab
57 NR FZR Ladhuka Punjab
58 NR FZR Sanehwal Punjab
59 NR UMB Chajli Punjab
60 NR FZR Samba Punjab
61 NWR JU Bhadwasi Rajasthan
62 NWR AII Ras Babra Rajasthan
63 SR MAS Tondiarpet Marshalling Yard (TNPM) Tamilnadu
64 SR TPJ Uttangal Mangalam (UMG) Tamilnadu
65 SR MAS MAPPEDU Tamilnadu
66 SCR SC Ramagundam Telangana
67 SCR HYB Uppalvai Telangana
68 SCR HYB Jankampet Telangana
69 SCR HYB Vishnupuram Telangana
70 ECR DHN Salaibanwa Uttar Pradesh
71 NCR PRYJ Sathnaraini Uttar Pradesh
72 NCR PRYJ Etah Uttar Pradesh
73 NER LJN Tinich (TH) (GKP-GD Section) Uttar Pradesh
74 NER BSB Lar Road (LRD) (BTT-MAU Section) Uttar Pradesh
75 NER LJN Campieganj (CM) Station GKP-NTV Section Uttar Pradesh
76 NR DLI Noli Uttar Pradesh
77 NR LKO Shriraj Nagar Uttar Pradesh
78 NR MB Dhamora Uttar Pradesh
79 ER HWH Janai Road West Bengal
80 ER ASN Andal Jn West Bengal
81 ER HWH Haripal West Bengal
82 ER ASN Barabani West Bengal
83 NFR Katihar Deotala West Bengal
84 NFR Katihar Balurghat West Bengal
  • This information was given by the Minister of Railways, Communications and Electronic & Information Technology, Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw in a written reply to a question in Lok Sabha.

Source: PIB- Press Release | Image Credit (representational): MoR

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