Insights on Terratec’s Earth Pressure Balance Machine (EPBM) work at Mithi River

Terratec 3.14m diameter Earth Pressure Balance Machine (EPBM) was previously used on the Mumbai Sewer Disposal Project (MSDP) Stage-II Priority Works project in Mumbai, India by Contractor Michigan Engineering Project LTD (MEPL).

More Details:

  • Upon the completion of the initial project, the machine was refurbished and upgraded. The work was carried out by MEPL’s team with Terratec providing the necessary parts and supervision. Presently, the machine is now delivering great results on the Mithi River Water Quality Improvement Project for J. Kumar Infraprojects – MEPL Joint Venture and the client Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM).
  • Designed to improve water quality in Mithi River, the project is to curb the pollution load entering the river. The Mithi River in sewerage zone 3 runs 17.8 kilometres through densely populated residential and industrial areas.
  • The upgraded machine was launched in Dec. 2022 and has been making excellent progress. It has completed 70% of its first 1840m long drive from Dharavi to Kurla Garden. The machine is currently the smallest hard rock EPB TBM operating in the country.

  • Terratec EPBM is designed to handle various geological conditions along the tunnel alignments consisting of mixed ground and basalt hard rocks. The TBM has 25 rings of 17” rear replaceable disc cutters and a high torque, high-speed main drive.
  • The TBM is equipped with a fully active articulation system to accommodate a minimum curve radius of 250m. The TBM’s main drive is hydraulic due to size constraints and the installation of a full hyperbaric man lock.
  • Muck removal, segment transport and machine supply will be by Terratec rolling stock and battery locomotives.
  • The machine upgrade includes a new type of segment feeder and concentrated polymer injection system for water control and spoil conditioning in rock sections. The backup has been reorganised, additional facilities put on the decks and some new features added to improve the machines operation.
  • Mithi River is an open sewer that flows through densely populated residential and industrial areas of Mumbai. It is also one of the oldest river systems in India. Wastewater and industrial waste were dumped into the Mithi River. The Mithi River Water Quality Improvement Project aims to control the pollution load entering the river.
  • Terratec has been chosen for the underground tunnel package in Surat Metro Rail Project due to TERRATEC’s continuing success on projects such as Phase III & IV of the Delhi Metro, Lucknow Metro, Pune Metro, Kanpur Metro, Ahmedabad Metro and Mumbai Metro.
  • This is a result of tailor-made robust TBM design, prompt onsite assistance, readily available stock of TBM spares, and highly-skilled specialised TBM support throughout tunnelling operations.

Source: Terratec- Press Release | Images Credit: Terratec