IRCON awards tender to M/s Triveni Engicons Pvt. Ltd. for Chhattisgarh East-West Rail Corridor

IRCON International Limited has issued a Letter of Acceptance (LoA) to M/s Triveni Engicons Pvt. Ltd. for the Supply and stacking of 7,38,000 cum of machine-crushed stone ballast in block section between Gevra (km 0) to Pendra Road (135.3 Km) & Urga to Kusmunda (Km 11.516) for Chhattisgarh East-West Rail Corridor.

  • Tender Reference Number: IRCON/2060/CGRP/e-TENDER/23-24/ Gevra-Pendra/Ballast
  • Name of Work: Supply and stacking 7,38,000 cum of machine crushed stone ballast in block section between Gevra (km 0) to Pendra Road (135.3 Km) & Urga to Kusmunda (Km 11.516) in connection with the construction of New BG electrified double railway line for Chhattisgarh East-West Rail Corridor in the state of Chhattisgarh over South East Central Railway.
  • Accepted Contract Amount: INR 106,05,38,306.69/-
  • Completion Period: 15 Months

In June, 2023 the IRCON invited a tender for Tender Number: IRCON/2060/CGRP/e-TENDER/23-24/ Gevra-Pendra/Ballast


IRCON is executing the construction works of the new BG Electrified Double Railway line for the East-West Rail Corridor between Gevra Road to Pendra Road via Dipka, Katghora, Sendurgarh, Pasan with approximate length 135Km. East-West Corridor also includes a single line between Urga to Kusmunda of 11.51 Km. and connectivity of approximately 35 Km length.

IRCON intends to engage an experienced and resourceful agency who can carry out supply of Ballast material, execute stacking, lifting, loading, leading and unloading in block section between Gevra Road (0 Km) to Pendra Road (Km 135) & Urga (0 Km) to Kusmunda (11.51 Km) Single line in connection with the construction of New BG Electrified Double Railway Line for Chhattisgarh East West Rail Corridor from Gevra Road (Km 0) to Pendra Road (Km 135) via Dipka, Katghora, Sendurgarh and Pasan in the state of Chhattisgarh over South East Central Railway.

Scope of Works:

  • The ballast should be Conforming to latest RDSO Track Ballast specifications (2023) & with latest corrections/amendments etc. Stacking of ballast is to be done along the alignment at or near toe of the embankment, on top of formation or in cutting or any other designated places along the alignment as advised/directed by Engineer-in-charge/Client.
  • The rate includes supply, levelling & compacting, grass & bushes removal at the stacking area/space, preparing and repairing the approaches to reach the ballast stacking area, all labour, tools, all types of transportation, unloading, stacking, leads, lifts, handling, re-handling, ascends, descends, crossing of tracks and any other obstructions etc., sieve analysis, charges for testing the quality of ballast at the reputed labs as per RSDO guidelines, all taxes, levies, duties, octroi, royalty, cess & seigniorage etc.
  • No deduction will be made on stack measurement for shrinkage as specified in technical specification. The contractor will make ground level & compact to enable levels being taken by the Engineer-in-charge at site prior to stacking.
  • However, before unloading and stacking of Track ballast, it shall be the supplier’s  responsibilities to level & compact the ground of stack yard in a manner as deemed fit by Engineer and nothing extra shall be payable on this account as it is deemed to have been included in the quoted/negotiated rate.

Tenderer shall ensure the following:

  • The tenderer is required to submit a test report of ballast as per provision of “Clause 3.1: Specification for Track Ballast (No. IS/RDSO-GE/0001:2023 corrected up to date) for Impact Value, Abrasion Value, Water Absorption Value” along with submission of tender documents failing which the offer shall be summarily rejected. (Test report of ballast from Laboratory of any Railways or laboratory of any IIT/NIT/Government Engineering Colleges/Government Polytechnic Colleges only will be accepted).
  • The ballast test report shall not be more than 6 months old from the date of opening of the tender.
  • No correspondence in this regard after opening of tender shall be entertained. The name of quarry/quarries and location etc. also to be mentioned in the test report itself.
  • The tenderer shall also furnish an undertaking (Annexure-XIII) that the ballast supply at all times will conform to specifications for track ballast as specified.
  • IRCON reserves the right to retest the ballast sample of any or all the tenderers, before finalisation of tender at IRCON’s cost.
  • Tenderer should mention the source of collection of boulders along-with his offer, which is to be approved by Engineer. Source once approved can be changed only with the approval of the Engineer, if it becomes necessary during progress of work.
  • The rate quoted by the bidder shall include all charges like procurement of machine crushed ballast from quarry, handling/ re-handling, loading, transportation from quarry to the nominated stack locations including all leads, lifts, ascents, descents, clearance of site, crossing of tracks, nallah or any other obstructions etc., labour, tools, plants, machineries, unloading, dressing and stacking along the track, screening of ballast (if required), testing of ballast samples etc. making and maintaining service roads with all incidental charges complete in all respect to the satisfaction of the Engineer.
  • The rate quoted by the bidder shall also be all inclusive for the above scope of work including all taxes, royalty, licence fee, cess, forest transit fee (if any), insurances, local villagers development charges (if any) & all other incidental charges.
  • The rate quoted by bidder and accepted by IRCON shall remain firm during the tenure of supply including permissible variations, if any and no escalation shall be paid by IRCON on account of any fluctuation or variation in the market prices for Diesel, transportation, Labour and any other components involved in the supply.
  • However, it is obligatory for the supplier to provide Royalty paid Challans as per the materials supplied with every bill. Further, the supplier will provide the Royalty clearance from the mining department after completion of the supplies, before the security deposit is due for release, to get release of security deposit from IRCON.

This award signifies a significant step in advancing the infrastructure development of the Chhattisgarh East-West Rail Corridor.

Source: IRCON- Tender Update | Image Credit (representational): MoR

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