IRCON invites tender for laying and linking of railway tracks over South East Central Railway

IRCON International Limited has invited an online e-Tender for the Assembly, laying and linking of Railway tracks, utilising the Contractor’s own P-Way materials for various sections across South East Central Railway.

Brief about Tender Submission:

Name of the Work: Assembling, laying and linking of Railway track with Contractor’s own P-Way materials (except Rails, ballast and sleepers) and all other allied works required for commissioning of Railway line between Gevra Road (0 Km) to Sendurgarh (67 Km) (excluding) Double line and Urga (0 Km) to Kusmunda (11.51 Km) Single line in connection with the construction of New BG Electrified Double Railway Line for Chhattisgarh East West Rail Corridor from Gevra Road (Km 0) to Pendra Road (Km 135) via Dipka, Kathghora, Sendurgarh and Pasan in the state of Chhattisgarh over South East Central Railway.

Tender Reference NumberIRCON/2060/CGRP/e-TENDER/23-24/GEVRA-PENDRA/CTL-2/BSP-65
Estimated Cost (in Rs.)98,17,10,901/-
EMD (in Rs.)55,08,555/-
Contract Period09 Months
Document Download/Sale Start Date17th Jan, 2024
Bid Submission Start Date01st Feb, 2024
Bid Submission End Date08th Feb, 2024
Pre Bid Meeting Date27th Jan, 2024
Bid Opening Date09th Feb, 2024

Scope of Works:

Scope of work broadly includes supply of P. way material (except Rails, ballast and sleepers) from RDSO approved sources, linking of track as per IRPWM, Flash butt welding of Rails, SKV welding of rail joints etc. Contractor has to arrange a tamping machine, turnout tamping machine, mobile flash butt welding machine (QAP of mobile FBW plant to be used should not be older 03 years), welding portions & consumables etc.

Supply of various P. way materials such as switches, crossings, fittings, derailing switches, switch expansion joints, glued insulated joints, track fittings such as elastic rail clips, grooved rubber sole plates, GFN liners, fish plates, fish bolts etc. from RDSO approved suppliers, supply of machine crushed stone ballast as per RDSO specifications, its storage, carriage of the same up to the worksites in contractor’s own trucks/trailers.

Leading of track ballast from already measured stacks at various locations including loading in trucks, unloading and spreading of ballast in layers for initial ballast cushion, ballast shifting, re-handling with all lead & lifts for secondary ballasting as a complete job. The contractor has to receive the already measured ballast stacks from IRCON.

  • Supply of Special type of Sleepers and Transportation/ Shifting of special & PSC sleepers from sleeper stacks at various locations along the track alignment or any other location including loading and unloading to/ from trucks/tractors.
  • Leading and pairing of the rail panels of various lengths in block section/yards from various temporary welding depots/stacking yards along the track alignment including ascends, descends, crossing diversions/nallah etc. with the approved method and approved machinery, tools and tackles.
  • Flash butt welding of Rails by contractor’s Flash Butt Welding Plant (QAP of mobile FBW plant to be used should not be older 03 years) and Alumino- Thermit (AT) welding of rails with contractor’s welding portions and consumables, as per the approved procedure.

Laying of new Broad Gauge P. Way track on 52kg / 60kg Rails with sleepers on formation, girder bridges/ballasted deck bridges, curves, yards in straight line or in curve, with IRCON’s rails with their complete fittings such as grooved rubber pads, metal liners / GFN liner, ER Clips, J- Clips, Bolts, Screws etc. at specified sleeper density of 1660/ 1540 per km suitable for FP/SWR/LWR tracks with initial through packing and lifting of track in stages as directed by Engineer in- charge to bring the ballast cushion of about 250-300mm, correct longitudinal profile and cross levels within tolerances as specified for making track fit for introduction of tamping machine and running of ballast trains.

  • Pre and Post Tamping work for tamping of track in straight & curve alignment, turnouts by tamping machine.
  • Installation of various types of turnouts, derailing switches, SEJ, glued joints, check rails, guardrails etc.
  • Collection and submission of survey data sheets at 10 m. intervals using contractor’s own surveyor, auto level and total station machine (i.e. lift and slew values of the linked track with respect to given designed/proposed rail level and alignment of railway track) before each round of tamping of the track with Tamping machine. It includes pre-tamping & post-tamping operations, boxing of ballast etc.
  • De-stressing of LWR with/without rail tensors.
  • Execution of associated works such as sand hump, buffer dead ends, check rails for level crossings, guard rails, cutting of rails, drilling of holes, slewing of the track, installation of various posts etc.

Storage of Material:

All the material at the site will have to be properly stacked & stored so as to facilitate inspection. The material should be properly protected from the detrimental effects of nature and fire, damage, theft etc. The contractor shall be responsible for watch & ward and any loss or deterioration on account of above shall lead to rejection of material and contractor has to replace the same at his own cost.

Supply of Special type Sleepers:

  • The Scope of work includes Procuring, Supplying, transportation & stacking of various types special PSC Sleepers including turn-out Sleepers for B.G. Main Line & Loop Line at nominated places as directed by Engineer or his authorised representative as per RDSO design with Latest Alterations and IRS Specifications.
  • Further, the scope also includes making and maintaining service roads, complete in all respects in connection with track linking and allied work of Gevra to Sendurgarh including Urga to Kusmunda section.
  • However, before unloading and stacking of PSC Sleeper, it shall be the supplier’s responsibilities to level the ground of the stackyard in a manner as deemed fit by Engineer and nothing extra shall be payable on this account as it is deemed to have been included in the quoted/negotiated rate.
  • The delivery shall be by road, suitably packed shall be supplied by the contractor’s own/ hired vehicles loaded in the proper manner, at designated consignee depot.
  • All labour and material including all tools & plants required for loading, transportation, unloading and stacking shall be arranged by the contractor at his own cost.
  • All handling, re-handling during transit shall be to the contractor’s account and nothing extra shall be payable by IRCON.
  • The purchaser shall not be liable to render assistance to the contractor in securing or to arrange for or provide transport to the contractor under any circumstances.
  • The Contractor shall provide free of charge such packing materials and suitable packaging as may be necessary for safe transport of the materials in the contractor’s own/ hired vehicles. Materials shall be packed in such a way that no damage occurs during transit.
  • Any damage to all types/ sizes of special type Sleepers during transit shall be on the contractor’s account.

This initiative marks a substantial step toward the development of Chhattisgarh East West rail Corridor, promising improved transportation and connectivity for the region. 

The complete documents can be downloaded from

Source: IRCON- Tender | Image Credit (representational): West Central Railway

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