K-RIDE invites bids for appointment of Detailed Design Consultant for Bengaluru Suburban Railway Project

In continuation to the tender for for appointment of General Consultant for BSRP, the Rail Infrastructure Development Company (Karnataka) Limited (K-RIDE) has now invited bids under Single  stage Two packet system for the following contract package – “Detailed Design Consultant for Bengaluru Suburban Railway Project (BSRP).”

  • Tender Notice No.: K RIDE/BSRP/04/2021 
  • Name of work: Detailed Design Consultant for Detailed / Conceptual Design and Drawings for all Systems Including Viaduct, Stations (Including E&M Systems), Depot (Including E&M Systems), Track, Signalling & Train Control, Overhead Electrification, Telecommunication, Automatic Fare Collection and Platform Screen Door (PSD), with Interfaces for Bengaluru Suburban Rail Project (BSRP).
  • Estimated Cost: INR 54,25,84,000
  • Period of Completion: 4 years
  • Tender Closing Date: 10-06-2021
  • Cover One Opening Date:10-06-2021 

About Bengaluru  Suburban Railway Project:

  • Government of India for the infrastructure development of railways in Karnataka on 51:49 equity participation.
  • K-RIDE has been  mandated  to  undertake  the  development  of  the  Bengaluru  Suburban Railway Project (BSRP),at a total cost of ₹15767 crores.
  • K-RIDE is planning to engage  Consultant  for  preparation  of  Detailed  Design  and  drawings  for  the viaduct, station building (including E&M system), depot (including E&M system, as  well  as  for  preparation  of  detailed  plan  and  section  for  the  at  grade  and elevated alignment.
  • Prior  to  carrying  out  the  designs,the  Detailed  Design  Consultant  (DDC)  shall prepare the Design Basis Report (DBR) for each component listed below, based on  Internationally  accepted  best  practises and  detailed  project  Report  of  the BSRP.
  • The tentative list of various components for which DBR has to be prepared are as follows:
    • Viaduct
    • Station Building (including E&M system)
    • At grade Track
    • Elevated Track
    • PSD
    • Signalling & Train Control (CBTC system)
    • Telecommunication
    • Depot (including E&M system)
    • 25KV  AC  traction  System and  its  installations  including  SCADA  and  substation
    • Automatic Fare collection
    • Operations Control Centre (OCC)
    • Depot Control Centre (DCC)
  • In  the  case  of  systems  with  vendor  driven  designs  such,  Signalling  &  Train Control, Automatic Fare Collection (AFC), Telecommunication, Depot –Plant & Machinery, Ballastless Track and 25KV AC traction System and its installations including SCADA and sub stations, the DDC shall in addition to preparation of DBR  comprising of detailed specifications, prepare conceptual designs as well as line sketches and plans whereverapplicable. This will be used by the General Consultant (GC), along with GC’s own bid documents for preparation of bid documents for systems whose designs are to made by the vendors.
  • The total number of proposed stations including five future stations are 62 out of which 40 are at-grade and 22 are elevated. There are two maintenance depots proposed whose locations are under finalization.

25 Kv AC Traction System including Substations, Power Supply and SCADA:

Scope of work:-

This section comprises the detailed Scope of work for following Items: The scope of work for DDC under this contract includes the following, but not limited to:-

  • DDC shall carry out the studies, and calculate the capacity of Traction Transformers & Auxiliary Power transformers, and associated other equipment. On the recommendations of DDC and based on the results of the Simulation Study, optimization of sizing shall be finalized in consultation with KRIDE.
  • Preparation of all Design documents, drawings, calculations, equipment proposals, GFC drawings etc. and submit their comments to KRIDE, along with suggestions for acceptable design. Receiving Substation (RSS) wherever mentioned includes:
    • Receiving Substation (RSS) at 220 kV or 132kV or 110 kV or 66kV level.
    • Traction Substation at 25kV level.
    • Auxiliary main substation at 33kV/415V level.
  • The Design works in Depot is included in the scope of works along with main lines.
  • The DDC shall also carry out the Traction Simulation Sizing Study to determine the  catenary voltage, catenary current, ambient temperature, rail voltage, Contact  wire  temperature, equipment sizing, short circuit current, traction transformer rating etc taking indicative but not exhaustive parameters in consideration, optimization of sizing, the extended feed conditions in consideration,Regenerative braking,  Percentage wear of contact wire, Ambient Temperature, Headway as per DPR or as directed by Engineer In-charge.
  • Equipment Sizing report should cover indicative but not exhaustive topics “No. of ASS, Design criteria, Cable Sizing, Protection Scheme.
  • EMI/EMC study should cover the following indicative  but not exhaustive topics:  LIMIT for EMI/EMC against danger, simulation, Interference calculations on utility lines, possible solutions for mitigating. Power Supply Arrangement Report should  cover indicative but not exhaustive topics: Traction Overhead Equipment, Power consumption of TSS, Voltage at Pantograph, Optimization, Emergency Power  Supply System.

Bidding Documents can be downloaded from K-RIDE e-procurement portal i.e., https://kride.enivida.com.

Project Background:

K-RIDE is entrusted with the responsibility of execution of Bangalore Suburban Railway Project. The project comprises of four Corridors at a total length of 148.17 km.

Corridor From – toLength (km)Number of Stations
1KSR Bengaluru to Devanahalli 41.4015
2Baiyappanahali to Chikkabanavara25.01 14 
3Kengeri to Whitefield 35.52 09
4Heelalige to Rajanakunte 46.24 19 

The proposed four corridors lines are expected to provide much needed last mile connectivity to the commuters and also traverse through some of the densest and traffic congested areas of the city, and are expected to bring connectivity to the Information Technology Industry. The project is proposed to be completed in 6 years at an estimated cost of Rs. 15,767 crores.


  • The project envisions creation of a dedicated Suburban Railway system in Bengaluru city to provide a safe, accessible and comfortable mode of public transport. 
  • The project will ease traffic congestion, enhance rural-urban connectivity and provide a cleaner mobility solution to lakhs of daily commuters. 
  • It will provide an economic, efficient and eco-friendly transit alternative to the Garden City of Bengaluru. 
  • It will alleviate the massive transport problem of Bengaluru and link all parts of the city in a seamless fashion. 
  • By providing rapid connectivity to Bangalore International Airport, IT Hubs and the Commercial centres, the rail-based network will boost productivity and growth by reducing commuting time.
  • It will integrate multiple modes of transport like the Metro, Railways and bus transport by constructing interchange hubs. 
  • This will ensure a smooth and seamless mode of transport to lakhs of daily commuters.
  • The project is expected to benefit the people by providing:
    • A safe, efficient and environment friendly transport system 
    • Reduction in commuting time 
    • Reduced fuel consumption 
    • Reduction in capex on road infrastructure 
    • Reduction in pollution and accident 
    • Enhanced Transit Oriented Development (TOD) 
    • Increase in value of land bank in the corridor and Generate additional revenue
    • Creation of jobs
  • The project is expected to be completed by 2026.

Source: K-RIDE-Tender | Image Credit: K-RIDE