K-RIDE invites tender for electrical works with overhead equipment for doubling of various sections in Bangalore Division of South Western Railway

Rail Infrastructure Development Company (Karnataka) Limited (K-RIDE) has floated bids for Design, supply, erection, testing & commissioning of 25kV, AC, 50Hz, single phase, traction overhead equipment for doubling of various sections like Banaswadi-Baiyyappanahalli, Baiyyappanahalli-Bellandur Road and Anekal Road to Hosur section in the Bangalore Division of South Western Railway.

  • Tender Reference Number: KRIDE/2023-24/EL/WORK_INDENT14
  • Name of Work: Design, supply, erection, testing & commissioning of 25kV, AC, 50Hz, single phase, traction overhead equipment for doubling of 1. Banaswadi (Incl) (211/090) – Baiyyappanahalli A Cabin (Excl) (205/378 in BAND-BYPL line) Section (10 TKM approx.) 2.a) Baiyyappanahalli A Cabin (incl) (205/378 in BAND-BYPL line & 205/650 in BYPL-SBC line) – Bellandur Road (Excl.) (197/600) Section 2.b) Anekal Road (Excl.) (171/600)- Hosur (Excl.) (159/750) Section (25.5 TKM approx.) Overall TKM of 35.5 approximately and including any modification in existing OHE/PSI if required in the Bangalore Division of South Western Railway.
  • Estimated Cost of Work: INR 33.28 Crores
  • EMD: INR 33,28,903/-
  • Period of Work: 15 Months
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 04th Nov, 2023
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 05th Dec, 2023
  • Pre-Bid Meeting: 20th Nov, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 04th Nov, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 05th Dec, 2023
  • Tender Opening Date: 06th Dec, 2023


The objective of the contract is the Design, Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of 25 KV, AC, 50 Hz, Single Phase, Traction Overhead Equipment for Railway Electrification. Erection and removal of the Temporary Works and the rectification of defects by the contractor in the manner stipulated by the Contract.

In full recognition of this objective, and with full acceptance of the obligations, liabilities and risks which may be involved, the Contractor shall undertake the execution of the Works. The general and specific requirements of the employer are detailed out in this document for understanding of the bidders and for mandatory compliance by the successful bidder/contractor.

The Employer’s requirements have been divided into different sections / subheads for convenience only. They do not restrict any cross-references. The Contractor shall take into account inter-relations between various parts of works. No claim shall be entertained on account of compartmental interpretations.

Scope of Works:

  • Along with the scope of BAND-BYPL, BYPL-BLRR & AEK-HSRA sections, the execution of balance work of BLRR-AEK Section may also be included in the scope of this tender. If so, for execution of balance work in BLRR-AEK Section, after award of the contract, the contractor shall take handover of the material for schedule B of the tender at site and all other schedules from OHE store near HLE Station.
  • The transportation of material from HLE OHE store to the contractor’s depot shall be the contractor’s responsibility, for which the rates shall be paid at actual MT-KM as per schedule-G item no. G1. Post handover, the scope of watch and ward of the material, storage and security of the material will be the contractor’s responsibility for which no extra rates are admissible.
  • For erection of material at site the erection rates will be applicable as per the respective items of BOQ of this tender. For any shortage of the material during execution of balance work in BLRR-AEK section, material shall be supplied by the contractor as per the scope of supply of material of this tender.
  • The material supplied should be as per the milestone dates given by the contractor. For any change in scope of work up to 25% of the total cost of LOA, the quantity variation will be granted. Any change in scope of work above 25% of LOA cost shall be dealt as per the procedures laid down in the tender and the policies of K-RIDE.
  • CRS of any section of work cannot be treated as completion of all the work of that section of work. Any modification of OHE aroused due to any work related to civil or other wings of K-RIDE shall be treated as the scope of work of the contractor till the completion of defect liability period for which the rates shall be applicable as per the respective BOQ items, provided such work is not called on account of non-compliance of specifications, approved drawings and instructions given by the purchaser from time to time.
  • Reconciliation of material shall be done after completion of work and at intermediate periods. No material shall be taken back by K-RIDE. The final payment shall be made as per the actual supply and erection of material at site less the material handed over to the contractor.
  • Balance work in BLRR-AEK section refers to all the work required to be done for OHE electrification in BLRR-AEK Section and for successful CRS of all the lines as per the approved ESP of doubling including any modification of OHE required to accommodate the FOB/ROB/Underpass/other civil amenities in the station and open route. The work also includes the commissioning of Auxiliary transformers and switching stations.

Work Content:

The bidder shall be required to prepare the drawings such as Layout plans, Cross section drawings of foundations, structure erected drawings etc. as per extant instructions and get them approved from the Engineer/Employer. Contractor shall get soil testing done to verify soil bearing at a stretch of not more than 5 km of OHE foundations and at the location of new TSS/SWS and wherever soil strata changes. However, the contractor shall verify the Soil bearing capacity as per guidelines.

The successful bidder shall obtain/possess a valid electrical licence to handle power system installation electrical equipment, issued by any licence issuing authority, in accordance with the relevant provision of Indian Electricity Rule and Amendments thereafter.

Supply of all materials, apparatus, plant, equipment, tools, fuel, water, strutting, timbering, transport, offices, stores, workshop, staff, labour and the provision of proper and sufficient protective works, diversion, temporary fencing, lighting and watching required for the safety of the public and protection of works on adjoining land; first-aid equipment, accommodation and sanitation for the staff and workmen, effecting and maintenance of all insurances, the payment of all wages, salaries, provident fund, fees, royalties, duties or the other charges arising out of the erection of works and the regular clearance of rubbish, clearing up, leaving the site perfect and tidy on completion.

The work content in this contract consists of, but not limited to, furnishing all labours, materials, equipment’s, tools, plants and necessary machinery as required to completely execute all the works relating to Electrification of said section if and to the extent required etc. including viaduct for track supporting structures within the stations.

The work to be constructed and maintained as per Price Schedule, Technical Specification, relevant Codes, and specifications of RDSO, CORE drawings, best engineering practices and/or as directed by the Engineer.

Electrification Works:

  • Design, supply, system quality management, installation, testing including integrated testing and commissioning of the 25 KV AC and all associated works including preparation of all drawings.
  • Modifications to the existing OHE System in the open routes and yards based on the approved plans this includes shifting of existing PTFE, IOL, UIOL, Auxiliary transformer, CLS Panels, Gantry mast, Feeder wire mast, Anti creep wire if any etc.
  • Slewing and erection of OHE for RUB/ROB/FOB Works.
  • Presentations, PERT charts, reviews and audit support as specified in this Specification;
  • Ground Investigation including, survey, design, identification of locations, soil bearing pressure and soil bearing resistivity reports and installation for foundations for trackside equipment.
  • Decommissioning, removal and/or responsible for disposal of Temporary Works;
  • Defects liability of Traction distribution 25 kV AC OHE work after commissioning as stipulated in the General Conditions (GC).
  • Assist in obtaining statutory clearances and submittal of information asked for by statutory bodies (e.g., Government of India, Ministry of Railways, Commissioner of Railway Safety, Electrical Inspector to Govt. of India (EIG) etc. as directed; by Engineer) authorities to ensure energization of newly erected OHE, removal of existing overhead Line / conductors wherever required, Liaison with Karnataka state electricity supply.
  • Provision of integration test plans for commissioning of the electrification works.
  • Waterproofing of the Platform shelter where the mast has been provided under the cover over the platform.


  • Required average annual turnover (In all contractual works): The intending Tenderer/firm/ company/Joint Venture should have achieved a Minimum Average Annual Construction Turnover of Rs.53.248 Crores in last five Financial Years from 2018-19 to 2022-23.
  • The Tenderer/Firm/Company/JV should have satisfactorily completed at least one similar work such as “Work of Design, Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of 25 KV, AC, 50 HZ, Single Phase, Traction Overhead Equipment for Railway Electrification” of value not less than Rs.16.64 Cr. at current FY: 2023-24 price level in the preceding five financial years. (FY 2018-19 to FY 2022-23).

The complete documents can be downloaded from https://eproc.karnataka.gov.in

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