K-RIDE invites tender for Rolling Stock on PPP model for Bengaluru Suburban Rail Project

Rail Infrastructure Development Company (Karnataka) Limited (K-RIDE) has opened bids for the Selection of lessor for the design, manufacturing, supply, commissioning, operation, and maintenance of Rolling Stock on PPP Model for the Bengaluru Suburban Rail Project.

Brief about Tender Submission:

Name of the Work: Selection of lessor for design, manufacturing, supply, commissioning, operation, and maintenance of Rolling Stock on PPP Model for Bengaluru Suburban Rail Project.

Tender Reference Number KRIDE/2023-24/SE0002
Document Download/Sale Start Date 29th December, 2023
Bid Submission Start Date 29th December, 2023
Bid Submission End Date 27th February, 2024
Pre-Bid Meeting Date 30th January, 2024
Bid Opening Date 28th February, 2024


The Rail Infrastructure Development Company (Karnataka) Limited (K-RIDE), a joint venture of the Government of Karnataka & Ministry of Railways, Government of India (the “Authority” or “K-RIDE”) aims to augment the rail infrastructure in Bengaluru with the overall objective of improving public transportation in the city. With this objective, K-RIDE proposes to develop the Bengaluru Suburban Railway Project (“BSRP”) over a length of 148 (One hundred forty-eight) kilometres.

With a view to deploy safe, reliable and technologically advanced rolling stock on the BSRP, the Authority wishes to procure:

  • On a lease basis, a total of 264 (two hundred and sixty four) cars comprising of 80 trains of 3 Cars each and 4 trains of 6 Cars each (excluding reserve trains) which may be placed in revenue operations in accordance with the terms of the Contract (“Trains”);
  • Operations and maintenance services (including deployment of trained Train operation personnel (“Train Operators”) for the Trains; and
  • Other ancillary services for the Trains such as installation of machinery at depot sites, maintenance of depots etc (collectively, “Project”).

To implement the Project, the Authority proposes to enter into a terms of contract for the lease, maintenance and operation (through onboard Train operators) of the Trains (the “Contract”) with the Selected Bidder or with a company to be incorporated by the Selected Bidder, as the case may be.

The statements and information set out in this RFP and documents provided by the Authority to the Bidders are intended to provide the Bidders with a general understanding of the subject matter of this RFP and the Project. Such statements and information should not be construed or interpreted as limiting in any way or manner:

  • The scope of the rights and obligations of the Lessor set out in the Contract and other agreements in relation to the Project; and
  • The Authority’s right to alter, amend, change, supplement or clarify the rights and obligations of the Lessor or the terms and conditions that will be set out in the definitive agreements for the Project in accordance with the terms of the RFQ and RFP.

Accordingly, any omissions, conflicts or contradictions in the Bidding Documents including this RFP are to be noted, interpreted and applied appropriately to give effect to this intent, and no claims on this account shall be entertained by Authority.

The Selected Bidder, who is either an existing company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956/2013, or undertakes to incorporate as such prior to execution of the Contract, (the “Lessor”), shall be responsible for providing appropriately qualified Train Operators and operating and maintaining the Trains in accordance with the terms of the Contract.

The Selected Bidder shall also be responsible for the installation, operation and maintenance of machinery & plant in the depots specified under Appendix VII of this RFP in accordance with the Contract to be entered into between the Lessor and Authority in the form provided by Authority as part of the Bidding Documents as pursuant hereto. The Lessor shall establish its office in Bengaluru.

The assessment of investment and actual costs in design, procurement, manufacture, operation and maintenance of Trains, procurement & installation of machinery and plant and operation and maintenance of Maintenance Depots and other obligations in accordance with the terms of the Contract will have to be made independently by the Bidders.

The Contract sets forth the detailed terms and conditions for:

  • Design, procurement, manufacture, testing, commissioning, financing, leasing the Trains;
  • Providing Train Operators;
  • Operations and maintenance of Trains,
  • Installation of machinery & plant at the Maintenance Depots, and;
  • Operation & maintenance of Maintenance Depots by the Lessor.

K-RIDE’s Vision: This initiative signifies a pivotal step in augmenting Bengaluru’s rail infrastructure, aiming to establish an efficient and reliable suburban rail network for enhanced public transportation in the city.

The complete documents can be downloaded from https://eproc.karnataka.gov.in

Source: K-RIDE -Tender | Image Credit (representational): K- RIDE