Kernex along with JV secures order from South Central Railway worth Rs. 109 Crores for signalling & telecommunication works in Vemulapadu-Muddanuru section

In a significant development, Kernex Microsystems (India) Limited, in collaboration with Joint Ventures (JV) has clinched a substantial order from South Central Railway worth Rs. 109.465 Crores for signalling & telecommunication works in Vemulapadu-Muddanuru section of Guntakal Division.

More Details:

  • The contract is awarded to the Joint Ventures in which Kernex is a member (VRRC-KERNEX-CE-RVR) for an order worth Rs. 109.465 Crores from South Central Railway for comprehensive signalling and telecommunication works for provision of automatic block signalling system in Vemulapadu – Muddanuru section of Guntakal Division.
  • The Company is a partner of the said Joint Venture and the share will be decided at a later stage.
  • Time period by which the order(s)/contract(s) is to be executed is: 600 Days.

About Kernex:

Kernex Microsystems was incorporated on September 15, 1991 as a private limited company with the objective of designing, developing, installing and maintaining software packages for domestic and international markets.

Kernex started developing Railway Safety systems from 1999 and successfully developed and demonstrated a prototype of ACDs to Konkan Railway Corporation Limited and Members of the Railway Safety Board.

In March 2000 we entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with KRCL for Technical Collaboration for developing full scale networked Anti-Collision Systems (ACDs). We, jointly with KRCL, took up an intensive analysis of the major accidents that occurred in India, The functional requirements of the clients and operational safety procedures have been fully considered, for designing the logics of Anti Collision Systems.

Based on the concept and domain knowledge provided by Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd, we developed the networked Anti-Collision Devices, using Global Positioning System, Radio Data Communication, Application Logics and Interfacing these with an Auto Braking System developed by KRCL.

This significant order underscores Kernex’s continued commitment to pioneering advancements in railway safety technology. The collaboration with JV further strengthens their position in delivering state-of-art solutions, contributing to the modernization of railway infrastructure. 

Source: Kernex- Press Release | Image Credit (representational): SCR

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