Kochi Metro invites tender for design, supply and commissioning of electrical infrastructure at Kakkanad Terminal for Water Metro Project

Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) has invited online bids (e-Tender) under two packet systems from the eligible applicants for the Design, build, supply, delivery, installation, testing, and commissioning of additional electrical infrastructure at Kakkanad Terminal for Kochi Water Metro Project (KWMP), Kochi, Kerala.

  • Tender Reference Number: KMRL/PROC/TENDER/2023-24/281
  • Name of Work: Design, build, supply, delivery, installation, testing, and commissioning of additional electrical infrastructure at Kakkanad Terminal for Kochi Water Metro Project (KWMP), Kochi, Kerala.
  • EMD: INR 01 Lakh
  • Completion Period: 180 Days
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 06th Dec, 2023
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 27th Dec, 2023
  • Pre–bid Meeting Date: 13th Dec, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 19th Dec, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 27th Dec, 2023
  • Bid Opening Date: 29th Dec, 2023

Scope of Works:

  • The scope of work of Contractor shall include comprehensive Design, Build, Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing, Commissioning, statutory approvals, Warranty of Electrical Infrastructure commencing from the tapping points of the utility company (KSEBL).
  • Design, Build, supply, delivery, installation, testing and commissioning of all the items in between the tapping point to further distribution up to the LT metering panel of the terminal, Boat charger LT Panel as per the Employer requirements complete in all manner shall be in the scope of the Contractor.
  • The final price quoted by the bidder shall cover all the items including the items which are not specifically mentioned in the document but are required to make the distribution system complete in all manner. No extra payment will be paid for any additional item or replacement of any item during the tenure of contract and warranty.

Design Works:

  • The Contractor shall conduct site visits in order to get familiar with the project area/Terminal location, cable route planning, equipment location planning etc.
  • The Contractor shall /examine the relevant drawings/Technical specification/layout and conduct site visit to terminal and prepare the design basis document which includes design criteria’s / drawings including the general arrangement drawing of Electrical infrastructures incorporated in the layout plan of the terminal shall be submitted by contractor for Employer’s approval.
  • The Contractor shall design and provide all necessary specifications for the Works in accordance with the Works Requirements. The design detail, plan, drawing, specifications, calculations, notes and information required shall be provided in such sufficient formats, details, extent, size and scale and within such time as may be required to ensure effective execution of Works and/or as otherwise required by the Employer.
  • The goods for construction (GFC) drawings shall be prepared for approval of the Employer. The Contractor shall submit the weight and dimension details of the Multi-panel, USS, PCC Panel/ ACB /LT Panel etc.

Electrical Infrastructure Requirement:

Tentative equipment list is given in the table below. The Contractor shall be responsible for design, supply and install, test and commission the Electrical infrastructure as per the scope of work, technical specification and relevant codes and standards.

The terminal layout and the existing Electrical scheme drawings are furnished in the Part-2, Section- VIII, Tender Drawings. The Contractor shall develop the Electrical scheme based on the requirement given in the table below:

Sr. No. Terminal Work Scope
Common infrastructure Boat Charger infrastructure Terminal Infrastructure
1 Kakkanad

Cable from 2 nos. of tapping points up to RMU.

Multi-metering panel

500 kVA USS (IP 54) with VCB incomer on HT side & ACB outgoing at the LT side.

Cables between Multi-metering panel to USS, USS to LT panel(for Boat charger).

160 kVA USS (IP 54) with LBS incomer on HT side & / MCCB outgoing at the LT side.

Cables between RMU & Multi metering panel, Multi- metering panel to USS, USS to LT metering panel.

Details of Electrical Infrastructure:

The scope of work of the contractor shall include but not limited to the design, supply, erection, testing, commissioning of Electrical infrastructure to supply power to Boat charger loads & terminal loads covering all the components and associated accessories as specified. 

The detailed scope of the contractor with respect to the Electrical infrastructure shall be, but not limited to the following:

  • To study/examine the relevant drawings/layout of the Boat terminals and prepare the design criteria for Electrical infrastructures and getting approval from the Employer. Preparation of the detailed design calculations for complete charging infrastructure of boats. Planning & tapping supply from the KSEBL tapping point and extending the power supply to the panel boards as shown in the SLD.
  • Design, supply, laying, end termination, testing and commissioning of 11 kV, XLPE, FRLS, armoured aluminium cable from Tapping point to existing RMU, and further distribution as shown in SLD & as per technical specification.
  • Planning, Sizing, Design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of 11 kV/415 V USS with step down transformer of required rating to feed supply to Boat charger, terminal load etc. The transformer shall be dry type & suitable for outdoor use.
  • Design, supply, laying and termination of LT, XLPE, FRLS, armoured, Aluminium power cable from transformer secondary to PCC/ACB Panel Board of required runs and size.
  • Design, supply, laying and termination of copper control cable for transformer protection and control, emergency stop/trip, indication etc. as per employer requirement.
  • Preparation of the detailed earthing design calculations & Design, supply and installation of earthing system and relevant earth conductors required for the Transformer (Neutral & Body earthing), ACB/LT Panel Board etc.
  • Preparation of Cable Schedules (HT, LT & Control Cables) Design and construction of all associated works like cable trenches etc. Design, supply, installation of cable trays and conduits which are required for the HT power, LT Power, control and instrumentation cables.
  • Design, supply and installation of Emergency stop push button near the USS and in the ACB/LT Panel Board and making cable connection/wiring to trip the incoming supply in case of emergency.
  • Design, supply and installation of HDPE /Hume/ Metal (GI)/ RCC pipes with accessories which are required for laying the cables. Supply and fixing anodised aluminium glass framed shock treatment chart. One each associated with Transformer/USS, HT Panel Board.
  • Supply and fixing of First aid boxes in important locations as per the Employer requirement & to meet the statutory needs. Supply and installation of Fire Bucket and stand as per statutory requirement. Supply of Rubber hand gloves set suitable for 11 kV.
  • Supply and fixing of single line diagram, schematic diagrams etc. of A3 size on suitable Aluminium sheet including lamination etc. as required complete on wall/location specified by the Employer.
  • One set to be provided for each transformer. Supply and installation of suitable fire extinguisher for Transformer shall be in the scope of the contractor.
  • Supply and fixing of fire retardant/extinguishing electrical insulated synthetic mat of 2m x 1m x 2 mm for 3.3 kV/ 11 kV (as applicable) grade thick, +/- 10% conforming to BIS: DOC No. ET-02 (5440) meeting requirements of IS: 15652: 2006 (with up to date amendment), suitable for 3.3/11 kV voltage and having minimum width of 1000 mm +/- 20 mm and including supply of required quantity of adhesive / compound in front of ACB Panel, Transformer. 20) Civil works associated with the erection of USS, Panel boards along with required HT/LT cable extension are within the scope of the bidder.
  • Excavation, sand cushioning, providing protection for cable, route marker, refilling etc. including dewatering (if any) shall be the scope of the contractor.
  • Grouting of equipment, fixing of cable trays, pipes with all necessary supports etc. are also in the scope of Contractor. No additional payment shall be paid.
  • Construction of concrete trench for cable tray of size minimum (1 m (w)x 1 m (d)) and drawing cable on the tray.
  • The contractor shall provide the electrical danger boards on all the panel boards and other places wherever it is required or as per the statutory requirement.
  • The Contractor shall write the warning notices, markings, Equipment names, Earth pit number & value etc. in paint as directed by the Engineer or as per the statutory requirement.
  • The rates quoted for installation shall include the charges for painting the supports/welded portion/damaged portion as directed by the Employer.
  • Closing of cable opening/cut-out in the panel boards, cable opening/cut-out in the wall, opening in the used and unused conduit shall be in the scope of contractor.
  • Any other ancillary works required as part of the Employer requirement presented in the specifications and drawings.
  • The Contractor shall comply with all health and safety requirements of the Contract including statutory requirements, requirements of Kerala State Government Department, requirements stipulated, and any reasonable direction issued by the Employer’s safety department or authorised personnel of the Employer from time to time. The Contractor shall document, implement and maintain a safety system complying with international standards acceptable to Engineer.
  • The Contractor shall be responsible for all quality management in the planning and execution of the Works. The quality management shall cover all stages of work such as setting out, selection of materials, testing at factory, selection of construction methods, selection of equipment and plant, deployment of personnel and supervisory staff, quality control testing, etc.


The Minimum average annual turnover for any three years within the last five financial years ending in 31st March 2023 shall be Rs 38.10 Lakhs.

Work Experience:

A minimum number of similar works specified below that have been successfully and substantially completed within the last seven (7) years ending last day of month previous to the one in which bids are invited.

“Similar Work(s)” means – “Any electrical works including design, supply and installation of electrical systems of minimum 11 kV or more for industrial or commercial purpose.”

  • The bidder shall have successfully completed at least 1 (one) contract of minimum value of Rs. 101.60 Lakhs, or
  • The bidder shall have successfully completed at least 2 (two) contracts each of minimum value of Rs. 63.50 Lakhs, or
  • The bidder shall have successfully completed at least 3 (three) contracts each of minimum value of Rs 50.80 Lakhs.

Tender Documents and any additional information can be downloaded from website http://etenders.kerala.gov.in

Source: Kochi Metro- Tender | Image Credit (representational): Kochi metro

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