Kochi Metro invites tender for Rooftop Solar Power System at metro stations for Phase-1 and its extension

In a recent stride, Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) has invited online bids (e-Tender) from the eligible applicants for implementation of Rooftop Solar PV Project System at Phase-1 and Phase-1 extension metro stations.

Brief about Tender Submission:

Name of the Work: Design, Engineering, Manufacture, Supply, Storage Civil work, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of 732 kWp (indicative capacity) Rooftop Solar PV project including Operation and Comprehensive Maintenance (O&M ) of the project in RESCO Model for a period of 25 years at Phase-1 and Phase-1 extension Metro Stations of Kochi Metro Rail Ltd.

Tender Reference Number KMRL/PROC/TENDER/2023-24/302
EMD (in Rs.) 4,16,000/-
Contract Period 09 Months
Document Download/Sale Start Date 16th Jan, 2024
Bid Submission Start Date 30th Jan, 2024
Bid Submission End Date 06th Feb, 2024
Pre Bid Meeting Date 23rd Jan, 2024
Bid Opening Date 08th Feb, 2024

Scope of Works:

KMRL invites eligible applicants to participate in the bidding process for “Design, Engineering, Manufacture, Supply, Storage Civil work, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of 732 kWp (indicative capacity) Rooftop Solar PV project including Operation and Comprehensive Maintenance (O&M ) of the project in RESCO Model for a period of 25 years at Phase 1 and Phase 1 extension Metro Station of Kochi Metro Rail Ltd.”

The generated solar power will be fed to the grid, on a net metering basis where ever applicable. The scheme aims to reduce the fossil fuel based electricity load on the main grid and make building self-sustainable from the point of electricity, to the extent possible.

The Bidder is advised to read carefully all instructions and conditions appearing in this document and understand them fully. All information and documents required as per the tender document must be furnished. Failure to provide the information and / or documents as required may render the bid technically unacceptable.

The bidder shall be deemed to have examined the tender document, to have obtained his own information in all matters whatsoever that might affect the carrying out of the works in line with the scope of work specified elsewhere in the document at the offered rates and to have satisfied himself to the sufficiency of his bid.

The bidder shall be deemed to know the scope, nature and magnitude of the works and requirement of materials, equipment, tools and labour involved, wage structures and as to what all works he has to complete in accordance with the tender documents irrespective of any defects, omissions or errors that may be found in the tender documents.

The total area of the allocated site shall be 4870 sq. metre approximately. The variation of +/-25% shall be applicable to the area as well as capacity indicated. The tender is being floated for a capacity of 732kWp (indicative capacity) solar power system to be installed.

Maximum allowable Levelised tariff is Rs.4.85 per kWh and the bids with Levelised tariff in excess of Rs.4.85 per kWh will be rejected. The list of Metro Stations on where Solar PV system are planned are provided below in Table 1:

Sr. No. Locations (kWp) Tentative Capacity Approximate Available area for Solar Installation
1 Phase 1 and Phase 1 extension Station Roof (LHS,RHS and roof sheet) 238 2000
2 Thrippunithura Terminal Station 420 2280
3 Changampuzha Park RHS(Entry & Exit building) terrace 32 309

Pulinchode RHS (Entry & Exit building) Terrace

42 281
Total Capacity 732 kWp  

KMRL reserves the right to allow the installation of a project in any other site at its own discretion depending on the merit of the case, as per the provisions provided hereinafter. After the ‘Letter of Allocation’ the Bidder shall carry out the detailed survey of the site and submit the calculation, and complete engineering document for the approval of KMRL. All evacuation shall be at 415V level and in case capacity goes beyond 100kWp, in case required can be segregated as two different feeders.

Size of the Project:

  • The size of the project may be in the range of 10 kWp to 500kWp. Each rooftop unit shall be separately connected with the grid and may have a separate energy metre. The minimum capacity of the inverter used shall be 10 kWp.
  • Further, Successful bidders to whom letter of allocation has been issued will be allowed to submit proposal for approval and issue of sanction letter by KMRL. Sanction letter will be issued for the total aggregate capacity submitted by the bidder for approval as per above.


  • A Grid Tied Solar Rooftop Photovoltaic (SPV) power plant consists of SPV array, Module Mounting Structure, Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) consisting of Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT), Inverter, and Controls & Protections, interconnect cables and switches. PV Array is mounted on a suitable structure.
  • Grid tied SPV system is without battery and should be designed with necessary features to supplement the grid power during day time. Components and parts used in the SPV power plants including the PV modules, metallic structures, cables, junction box, switches, PCUs etc., should conform to the BIS or IEC or international specifications, as specified herein or otherwise wherever such specifications are available and applicable.
  • Rooftop Solar PV system shall consist of following equipment /components. Solar PV modules consisting of required number of mono crystalline/Mono PERC PV modules Grid interactive Power Conditioning Unit with Remote Monitoring System Mounting structures Junction Boxes Earthing and lightning protections IR/UV protected FRLS/FRLSOH (for underground) Cables, pipes and accessories Metering & associated equipment Life-line safety systems Module Cleaning system Walkway and ladder to access (Wherever required).

Warranties and Guarantees:

  • The Bidder shall warrant that the goods supplied under this contract are new, unused, of the most recent or latest technology and incorporate all recent improvements in design and materials.
  • The bidder shall ensure warranty covering the rectification of any and all defects in the design of equipment, materials and workmanship during the entire period.
  • The successful bidder has to transfer all the Guarantees /Warranties of the different components to the Owner of the project.
  • The responsibility of operation of Warranty and Guarantee clauses and Claims/ Settlement of issues arising out of said clauses shall be joint responsibility of the Successful bidder and the owner of the project and KMRL will not be responsible in any way for any claims whatsoever on account of the above.

Operation & Maintenance (O&M):

  • The bidder shall be responsible for operation and maintenance of the 732 kWp(indicative capacity) Solar PV system for a period of 25 years for which KMRL will monitor the project for effective performance in line with conditions specified elsewhere in the tender document.
  • During this period, the bidder shall be responsible for supply of all spare parts as required from time to time for scheduled and preventive maintenance, major overhauling of the plant, replacement of defective modules, inverters, PCU’s etc. and maintaining log sheets for operation detail, deployment of staff for continuous operations and qualified engineer for supervision of O&M work, complaint logging & its attending.
  • The developer is responsible for the waterproofing of the roof disturbed / pierced for installation of the Solar Power System for the whole O&M period (25 Years). To ensure the water proofing a third party inspection jointly with power producer and power purchaser will be conducted annually.
  • The developer should immediately take necessary action to repair any damage to the water proofing. KMRL may impose a suitable penalty for the delay caused to resolve the issue.


The Minimum average annual turnover equivalent to Rs. 124.8 lakhs calculated as total certified payments received for contracts in progress and/or completed in any three years out of last five financial years ending 31st March 2023.

  • The Bidder should have completed the works of grid connected Solar PV:
    • Project Within last 7 years ending 30.11.2023.
    • minimum 586 kWp (Total capacity) – 1 Project (or)
    • 366kWp (Total Capacity) – 2 Projects each (or)
    • 293kWp (Total Capacity)- 3 Projects each

The Bidder should have completed the works of grid connected Solar PV Roof top Solar PV Project of minimum 300kWp (Total Capacity) as a single project. Within last 7 years ending 30.11.2023

The list of projects commissioned indicating whether the project is grid connected, along with a copy of the Commissioning certificate and Work order /Contract / Agreement/ from the Client/Owner shall be submitted. The format is attached in this tender.

Tender Documents and any additional information can be downloaded from website http://etenders.kerala.gov.in

Source: KMRL- Tender | Image Credit (representational): Kochi Metro

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