Kochi Metro Update: Tender invited for letting out of kiosk space on the basis of licence at Ernakulam South Metro Station for 5 years

Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) has invited online bids (e-Tender) under two packet systems from eligible applicants for Letting out of Kiosk space at Ernakulam South Metro Station (ERSH LHS PLFT 100) on licence basis through e-tender.

  • Tender Reference Number: KMRL/PROC/TENDER/2023-24/137
  • Name of Work: Letting out of Kiosk space at Ernakulam South Metro Station (ERSH LHS PLFT 100) on licence basis through e-tender.
  • EMD: INR 05 Thousand
  • Licence Period: 05 Years
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 04th July, 2023
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 25th July, 2023
  • Pre–bid Meeting Date: 10th July, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 14th July, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 25th July, 2023
  • Bid Opening Date: 27th July, 2023


  • The purpose of floating this tender is to allot 120 sq.ft. of space (with Identification Code- ERSHLHSPLFT100) available in Ernakulam South Metro Station at the First Floor Level to a competent person/organisation for setting up a kiosk/shop in this location. The below businesses are already existing in Ernakulam South Metro Station and shall not be allowed in the above tendered kiosk space:
    • Common Service Centre
    • Mobile Accessories
    • Tea & Snacks
    • Neo Banking & Digital Services
    • Juice Shop
    • Bakery, Tea, Stationery, 7. Medical Shop and Lab Collection Centre
    • Restaurant
    • Milma Dairy products.
  • The preferable businesses which the licensee can choose includes but is not limited to the list below:
    • Spices and pickles outlet
    • Fashion Boutique
    • Lottery
    • Books & Stationery shop
    • Travel Business
    • Tailoring shop
    • Pet care products
    • Home décor
    • Gifts & toy shop

Details of the Space:

Location Id


Paid or Unpaid Area

Area (in Sq Ft)

Base Price (in Rs)




Second floor





Not Available

Paid area

Metro ticket is needed for this location access

Unpaid area

Metro ticket is NOT needed for this location access

Licence Period:

  • 5 years (with provision for one extension of 2 years and further 3 years based on the performance at the discretion of KMRL).

Scope of Work:

Characteristics of the Kiosk:

  • The rent will be charged on the actual floor area allotted to the licensee.
  • Design of the Kiosk shall be approved by KMRL.
  • The licensee can bring the Prefabricated Kiosk in Knocked down condition to the station and assemble it at the allotted space.
  • The licensee will be permitted to use the common toilets available at the station.
  • In the case of a need for the change of Kiosk design / size prior approval will be obtained by the Licensee from KMRL.
  • Security instructions issued by KMRL shall strictly be followed by the licensee.
  • The licensee shall not carry out any structural change in the allotted space. The licensee shall not construct any permanent structure in the allotted space.
  • The Licensee shall be required to adhere to the approved Kiosk design, but there are no limitations on planning and subdivision of the interior floor space. However, within these parameters, maintaining the structural safety and integrity shall be the sole responsibility of the Licensee.
  • The access to the Kiosk space inside the metro station shall be restricted to working hours of the respective Metro Stations. The access shall remain open only during the working hours.
  • The kiosk shall be kept open only during such times as stipulated by KMRL.
  • The construction of mezzanine floor inside the licensed space by the successful bidder shall be permitted after adhering to prescribed safety and other norms and subject to feasibility as only a temporary structure is permitted as per KMRL specification, after due approval from KMRL.
  • The area of the mezzanine floor shall be chargeable at 10% of the applicable licence fee calculated for the original area, if the same is constructed by the Licensee. The licence fee for the mezzanine floor will start from 30th day of approval for its construction
  • floor whichever is earlier. Before the start of usage of mezzanine floor, approval to be obtained from KMRL
  • If adjacent kiosks are allotted, the area in between and adjacent to the allotted kiosk will be charged on a weighted average basis for the total area covered.
  • Similarly, in case any additional area (the ‘Additional Area’) is available and deemed feasible by KMRL, the Additional Area may be allotted to the Licensee in the sole discretion of KMRL on the request made by the Licensee upon payment of License Fee, which shall be calculated on prorata basis at the prevalent maximum rate of License Fee for a similar space in the same location, as on the date of such request made by the Licensee.
  • The Licence Period of such Additional Area shall however be co-terminus with the Licence period of the original area.

Signage and Advertisements:

  • The Licensee will be permitted to display signage(s) of suitable size (to be decided by KMRL) for displaying its generic name of each Space. The signage may be illuminated or non illuminated at the Licensee’s option, however it shall need to confirm to all laws, rules, regulations or guidelines relevant thereto.
  • The Licensee shall also need to obtain a written approval from KMRL before putting up any form of signage and KMRL reserves the right to refuse or to suggest an alternative to the same. The size, shape, location, etc. of signage are subject to restrictions/ architectural controls to be issued by KMRL.
  • Signage should be used only for the business being run by the Licensee in the licensed premises. In addition, the Licensee shall also be required to use only standard materials as per standards prevalent in KMRL, for which he shall seek necessary approval from KMRL.
  • The licensee shall be allowed to use the interior of the licensed spaces for display of advertisement only with respect to the business / commodity being run / sold by the Licensee in the licensed space(s). Advertisements which will be displayed should be approved by KMRL.
  • The Licensee shall need to obtain a written approval from KMRL before putting up any form  signage/ advertisement within/outside their premises and KMRL reserves the right to refuse or to suggest an alteration to the same. The signage/ advertisement shape and location etc., are subject to architectural controls to be issued by KMRL.
  • Placement of signage/ advertisement without the permission of KMRL or placement in non- approved locations shall attract a penalty of Rs.5000/- per signage/ advertisement on the first occasion and Rs.50,000/- per signage/advertisement on the second occasion.
  • In case of persistent default, KMRL reserves the right to terminate the agreement with forfeiture of the (interest free) security deposit and advance licence fee paid in its favour. KMRL shall not unreasonably interfere with the signage/ advertisement plan.
  • If KMRL is not satisfied and raises any objections, the licensee shall be required to appropriately amend/ modify his scheme within a reasonable timeframe and seek KMRL approval once again.

Works to be executed by Licensee:

  • It shall be the sole responsibility of the Licensee to procure and install Kiosk. Material selection and Installation to be executed with prior approval of KMRL.
  • Prefabricated Kiosk as per design approved by KMRL shall be brought to the allotted space in Knocked down condition and shall be assembled at site and bolted to the floor. No permanent structure shall be allowed to be created.
  • Work will be permitted as per KMRL work execution process.
  • Licensee shall be required to execute all works as required for the commercial use in the Licensed Space without damaging any load bearing/structural members and any services / utility etc.
  • The licensee is allowed to modify the interior of the Kiosk as per their needs, whereas the exterior of the Kiosk and colour scheme shall remain intact as per the design approved by KMRL.


  • The prospective bidder must conform to the pre-qualification criteria given below and shall attach proof of documents for each of the qualifying requirements. Bids without adequate supporting documents shall be treated as non-responsive.
  • The bidder should be an individual, partnership/ LLP, Company or other legal entity recognised by Indian laws. Copy of the Proof to be submitted.
  • Bidder should have a Pan card. Copy of the same to be submitted.
  • Shall not have defaults on any bank/institutions loans as on date (A certificate to this effect by a practising CA needs to be submitted).
  • As per the acceptable criterion for KMRL, the bidder should possess a Bank account in any Scheduled/Nationalised/Cooperative Bank, the account details of which should be submitted to KMRL.
  • Bidders under the category “Project affected family” need not submit the document (c) above.
  • Instead duly filled “Appendix 4” must be submitted or else the bid will be treated as non-responsive.

Tender Documents and any additional information can be downloaded from website http://etenders.kerala.gov.in 

Source: KMRL- Tender | Image Credit (representational): Kochi Metro