Kochi Metro Update: Tender invited for maintenance between Aluva and Maharajas College metro stations

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Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) has invited online bids (e-Tender) under two packet systems from eligible applicants for Maintenance of all civil structures and other incidental civil works of O&M between Aluva and Maharajas College metro stations.

  • Tender Reference Number: KMRL/O&M/OSC/CTR/2022-23/14
  • Name of Work: Maintenance of all civil structures and other incidental civil works of O&M between Aluva and Maharajas College metro stations.
  • Estimated Cost of Work: INR 4.66 Crore
  • EMD: INR 4,66,000 Lakh
  • Period Of Work: 02 Years
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 30th November, 2022
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 21st December, 2022
  • Pre–bid Meeting Date: 07th December, 2022
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 11th December, 2022
  • Bid Submission End Date: 21st December, 2022
  • Bid Opening Date: 23rd December, 2022


  • The objective of the contract is Maintenance of All Civil Structures and Other Incidental Civil Works of O&M between Aluva and Maharajas College Metro Stations (including without limitation, the maintenance and removal of the Temporary works) and the rectification of defects appearing in permanent works in the manner and to the standard and within the time stipulated by the contract.
  • In full recognition of this objective, and with full acceptance of the obligations, liabilities and risks, which may be involved, the contractor shall undertake the execution of the works.


  • The Works shall be done in accordance with Employer’s Requirements and the other requirements of the Contract.
  • The Works shall be executed to the highest standards available using proven up-to-date good Engineering practices.
  • The Specification shall in any case not specify standards which, in the Engineer’s opinion, are less than or inferior to those described in the Technical/Maintenance Specifications contained in the Tender Documents.

Scope of Works

  • The contractor will execute the work i.e. “KMRL/O&M/OSC/CTR/2022-23/14 Maintenance of All Civil Structures and Other Incidental Civil Works of O&M between Aluva and Maharajas College Metro Stations”.
  • Various maintenance works shall be programmed for execution in a planned manner and fortnightly programme/plan of work shall be submitted by the contractor for the scrutiny and approval of the Engineer on the stipulated date by the Engineer.
  • The programme/plan shall be approved by the Engineer with or without modification and advised to the contractors within two working days. The work shall be executed as per the approved programme.
  • The fortnightly programme shall comprise Thorough and Exhaustive Attention (TEA) of the failure/deficiencies of minimum one or two stations. Thorough and Exhaustive attention (TEA) implies the well-planned attention of all identified failure/deficiencies at stations by mobilizing various resources and multi skilled labours pooled together under direct supervision of the Contractor Engineer, and coordination with KMRL Engineer and Operations staff etc.
  • TEA shall be planned at least two consecutive days or more at a station so as to attend and wipe out the failure and repair works.
  • Failures and repairs which are prioritised as urgent in view of safety, operation & affecting passengers are to be attended by the contractor immediately on receipt of such advice from the Engineer and not later than two days from the date of receipt of the instructions.
  • Provision of all necessary labours, maintenance equipment, instruments and appliances in connection with all below mentioned works as specified or as directed by Engineer-in-Charge or the representative of Engineer.
  • The scope of the contract includes periodical inspection of the premises by the Contractor jointly with KMRL.
  • Cost for periodical inspection is included in the contract price and separate payment cannot be claimed for the periodical inspection of the station premises and viaduct.
  • Contractor should be equipped with machinery and manpower to attend the issues and emergency works as instructed by the Engineer-in-charge.
  • For the works executed Payment shall be made as per the items mentioned in the BOQ for the actual quantity.
  • Contractor shall be available 24×7 for attending any emergency works related to maintenance of the civil structures.
  • Office space shall be provided by KMRL in any of the Kochi metro stations for the contractor’s Engineer to be seated. Furniture, computers, printers etc. shall be arranged by the contractor at their own cost.
  • The work under this contract shall consist of, but not limited to, all materials, labour, Equipment’s, tools, plants and necessary machinery as required to completely execute during day and night hours:
  • Cleaning of Station gutters both RCC and steel
  • Cleaning and removal of debris from roof terrace of all buildings in mainline and depot
  • Cleaning of drains in the station premises and muttom depot
  • Debris removal and disposal from station premises, viaduct and median area along the metro alignment
  • Removal of loose particles, hanging materials and slurry from the Piercap top, girder bottom, STP, Expansion joints etc.
  • Repair and rectification of water leakages from sheet roofs, RCC roofs/ any kind of roofs.
  • Bull dozing and leveling of station parking areas
  • Repair and rectification for station name boards
  • Repair and rectification of pedestal supports for link bridges
  • Repair and rectification of water leakages from walls, arresting water seepages in Lift pits, Escalator pits
  • Structural steel work riveted, bolted or welded in buit up sections, trusses and framed work, including cutting, hoisting, fixing in position and applying a priming coat of approved steel primer all complete
  • Road works- bitumen works, grading, leveling, rolling, filling of potholes with bitumen mix
  • Repair and rectification of metal crash barriers in roads
  • Manufacturing, supplying and fixing permanent road signage (regulatory/mandatory) i.e. retroreflective sign boards as per BOQ and specifications along the road and on the metro pillars
  • Removal of posters in the metro pillars
  • Landscaping works
  • Plumbing works which includes, cutting of damaged pipes, replacing the joints, refixing the pipes, laying of new pipes, excavation, cutting of walls, drilling holes in walls, fixing foot valves, new connection.
  • Cleaning of Manholes, gully traps, soak pits, sump well, connection chambers of Bio- digesters
  • Clearing of bushes and trimming of trees along the metro alignment and at muttom depot
  • Repair and rectification of sanitary wares and fixtures and providing and fixing new one as per the requirement
  • Water tank cleaning (over head tank and underground tank)
  • Repair and rectification of furnitures
  • Providing water in tanker as per the requirement
  • Repair, rectification, replacement of all types of doors & door fixtures.
  • Repair and rectification of cement/granite/tiled floors, wall patch works, false ceilings, raised floors, floor tiles, wall tiles, granites.
  • Surface preparation and patch painting of walls, roofs etc. all types of surfaces and paints
  • Repair, rectification of Glass fixtures, Replacement of Glass as required at all levels
  • Repair and rectification of station theming works, Interior works i.e. Plywood, glass acrylic, POP false ceiling, stickers etc.
  • Providing red earth, GSB as required. and its compaction using Roller of suitable capacity
  • Demolition of cement concrete by manual or mechanical means
  • Taking out existing CC interlocking paver blocks and laying the old CC interlocking paver blocks as per the requirement
  • Taking out existing kerb stones and laying the old kerb stones as per the requirement
  • Providing new CC interlocking paver blocks wherever required and providing new kerb stones wherever required
  • Repair and rectification of damaged kerb stones
  • Providing and erecting 2.00 meter high temporary barricading at site as per the BOQ and as per the approved traffic diversion plan, approved work site layout
  • Clearing jungle
  • Earthwork in excavation
  • Earth filling in the sides of the foundations
  • Providing and laying plain cement concrete
  • Providing and laying reinforced cement concrete of grade mentioned in the BOQ
  • Straightening, cutting, bending and placing of steel reinforcement of grade mentioned in the BOQ for RCC
  • Centering and shuttering including strutting, propping etc. and removal of form work
  • Providing and fixing of bollards
  • Providing and supply of labours listed in Schedule C of the BOQ as required for the repair and maintenance works identified in stations during inspections.
  • Providing Machineries listed in Schedule D of the BOQ as required for the repair/rectification/replacement and maintenance works of the civil structures identified during the inspections.
  • Scope of work includes all the items of works covered under BOQ and any new incidental items as per GCC.

Survey of site and investigations:

  • The datum used for the Contract shall be Mean Sea Level Datum.
  • The datum used for the Contract shall be Mean Sea Level Datum ‘The Contractor shall relate the maintenance of the Works to the Site Grid. To facilitate this, survey reference points have been established and the Engineer will provide benchmarks in the vicinity of the Site.
  • Before the Contractor commences the setting out of the Works, the Engineer will provide a drawing showing the position of each survey reference point and benchmark, together with the co-ordinates and/or level assigned to each point.
  • The Contractor shall satisfy itself that there are no conflicts between the data given and shall establish and provide all subsidiary setting out points, monuments, towers and the like which may be necessary for the proper and accurate setting out and checking of the Works.
  • The Contractor shall carefully protect all the survey reference points, bench marks, setting out points, monuments, towers and the like from any damages and shall maintain them and promptly repair or replace any points damaged from any causes whatsoever.
  • The Contractor shall regularly recheck the position of all setting out points, benchmarks and the like to the satisfaction of the Engineer.
  • Upon handover to the Contractor, the survey reference points will become the responsibility of the Contractor. The Contractor shall, by annual or more frequent review, ensure that these survey points continue to remain consistent with the benchmarks.
  • The Contractor shall carry out all further site investigations necessary for the design of the Permanent Works and to enable the determination of the methods of maintenance and the nature, extent and design of the Temporary Works.

Tender Documents and any additional information can be downloaded from website http://etenders.kerala.gov.in

Source: KMRL- Tender | Image Credit (representational): Kochi Metro

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