Kochi Water Metro update: Construction of Hybrid passenger boats begins

The plate-cutting ceremony of Kochi Water Metro’s 100 pax Hybrid Electric passenger boat was held at Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL) on 24.08.2020, as per Social Media update of Kochi Metro Rail. The plate-cutting of the Aluminium Hull, part of the hybrid boat, was attended by CSL’s Chairman and Managing Director, Shri Madhu S Nair and Kochi Metro Rail Limited, Managing Director, Shri Alkesh Kumar Sharma IAS, Additional Chief Secretary.

“This marks the beginning of construction of Water Metro’s passenger ferries. I can see the professionalism and passion at CSL. We are looking forward to the timely delivery of the boats so that Kochhites can cherish the dream of travelling in Water Metro soon.” said Shri Alkesh Kumar Sharma.

“This is for the first time in the world a top class battery-driven passenger boat is being built. I can promise you that Cochin Shipyard will deliver state-of-the-art vessels for Kochi Metro. We all know how Kochi metro has set international benchmarks in various aspects. We will be ready with the boat by the end of the year. As a team, KMRL and CSL will work together for the success of the project.” said Shri Madhu S Nair.

  • Shri Madu S Nair did the honours in the plate cutting ceremony where the Shri Alkesh Kumar Sharma along with other dignitaries participated, following strict COVID protocol.
  • The boats will have a capacity to carry 100 passengers each and will be powered by an electric propulsion system equipped with lithium titanium oxide batteries.
  • CSL will deliver the state of the art Vessels for Kochi Water Metro by this year end.

About Kochi Water Metro project:

  • The construction of the Water Metro is progressing at a faster pace.
  • The Kochi Water Metro project envisages the development of 15 identified routes, connecting 10 islands along a network of routes that span 78 km with a fleet of 78 fast, electrically propelled hybrid ferries plying to 38 jetties.
  • More than 1,00,000 islanders are expected to benefit from the water metro.
  • With the introduction of the project that connects 15 routes, Kochiites can reach the mainland in less time.
  • It is envisaged to be a socially inclusive transport system than being just a transport service with focus on improved livelihoods through commercial property development and tourism-based initiatives.
  • The Kochi Water Metro Project intends to introduce modern, energy efficient, environment friendly and safe boats with low wake and draft characteristics at a high frequency to increase ridership.
  • The Kochi Water Metro project has a total value of Rs. 819 crores and major part of which is financed under Indo-German Financial Cooperation with a long-term loan agreement of 85 million Euros (Indian Rupees Rs. 579 Crore) with German funding agency, KfW, for the development of an integrated water transport system for the city of Kochi. 

Source: Kochi Metro Rail Limited

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