Kolkata Metro continues the trial runs on Kavi Subhash-Hemanta Mukhopadhyay Stretch of Orange Line

In a major leap towards development, Metro Railway (Kolkata) continued the trial runs on Kavi Subhash – Hemanta Mukhopadhyay stretch of Orange Line. The 5.4-km stretch is now ready for commissioning.

More Details:

Trial runs o­n Kavi Subhash- Hemanta Mukhopadhyay stretch of Orange Line continued, i.e. o­n 20.02.2024. The trial runs started at 13:20 hrs o­n this stretch from Kavi Subhash station in presence of senior metro officials in order to keep machinery and staff ready for the commercial services.

Image Credit (representational): Kolkata Metro

This 5.4-km stretch of Orange Line is ready for commissioning and these trial runs are necessary for the preparation. During the trial runs, 6 round trips were made with a Medha AC rake at a maximum speed of 40 Kmph o­n both the lines. This trial run ended at 15.41 hrs. During the trial run many parameters like track fitness, emergency brake, power supply, proper docking of rake, response of the station staff etc were rigorously checked.

Significance of this New Stretch:

  • Kavi Subhash to Hemanta Mukhopadhyay stretch of the Orange Line of Kolkata Metro is almost ready for the commencement of commercial services.
  • With the opening of this 5.4 kms stretch, it will be the first time that the two Metro lines (i.e. Blue Line and Orange Line) are going to be linked at Kavi Subhash station.

Image Credit (representational): Kolkata Metro
  • O­nce this much awaited stretch of Kavi Subhash to Airport via Rajarhat Metro project is commissioned, it will open up a very convenient mode of transport for commuters.
  • People will be able to enjoy a hassle-free journey from Dakshineswar to Hemanta Mukhopadhyay station (Ruby More) just by interchanging at Kavi Subhash station without facing any traffic snarls.
  • For this, an integrated ticketing system will be in place for the convenience of the commuters.
  • By virtue of this system commuters won’t have to purchase separate tickets while interchanging at Kavi Subhash station.


This continued trial runs, before the commissioning of the new stretch shows Kolkata Metro’s commitment towards its service and safety for the commuters. This 5.4 kms stretch will provide a very convenient mode of transport for passengers and enhance transportation services in the city.

Source: Kolkata Metro- Press Release | Featured Image Credit: Kolkata Metro