Kolkata Metro earns Rs. 31.39 Crores from Non-Fare Revenue between April and November in the Financial Year 2023-24

Kolkata Metro has earned Rs. 31.39 Crores during 1st April, 2023 to 30th November, 2023 from Non-Fare Revenue (NFR) compared to Rs. 19.20 Crores for the same period in 2022-23, this is an increase of 63.5%.

More Details:

Metro Railway has been playing a pivotal role in increasing the Non-Fare Revenue earnings of Indian Railways. Following the guidelines of Railway Board, Metro Railway, in spite of being o­ne of the smallest zones of Indian Railways, has been able to show remarkable results in its effort to increase Non-Fare Revenue earnings in the previous years.

Keeping that tradition intact in the current fiscal i.e., 2023-24, Kolkata Metro has been able to register itself as o­ne of the front runners among all Railway zones in producing sterling results.

  • In order to make Indian Railways initiatives to increase its Non-Fare Revenue for boosting earnings apart from the traditional sources of income successful, Metro Railway has adopted various innovative steps to increase its revenue which is in general totally dependent o­n passenger earnings:
    • As part of that endeavour, Metro Railway has been focusing o­n generating revenues through branding of Litter Bins at stations,
    • Displaying advertisements inside and outside Metro rakes,
    • Displaying hoardings in open spaces and
    • Installing health check-up kiosks at different stations,
    • Handle chain branding etc.
  • Apart from this, Metro Railway has also implemented innovative ideas like:
    • Track Side Walls Branding,
    • Card Balance Checking Terminal (CBCT) Branding,
    • Automatic Smart Card Recharge Machine (ASCRM) Branding,
    • AFC-PC Gates and Flap Branding,
    • Installation of food kiosks,
    • Smart Card and Token Branding,
    • Installing digital display screens inside rakes for providing infotainment to commuters etc. Such initiatives have helped to increase Metro Railway’s Non-Fare Revenue to a great extent.

With such concerted efforts, Metro Railway has earned Rs. 31.39 crores during 1st April, 2023 to 30th November, 2023 as Non-Fare Revenue (NFR). In 2022-23 Metro had earned Rs. 19.20 crores as NFR during the same period (i.e. April, 2022 to November, 2022). This is an increase of 63.5%. In November itself Kolkata Metro earned Rs. 5.34 crores as NFR in comparison to Rs. 2.59 crores earned in November, 2022.

Shri P. Uday Kumar Reddy, General Manager, Metro Railway has expressed his satisfaction as Metro has been able to show such a performance. He expressed his hope that in this fiscal too Metro will be able to fulfil the expectations of Railway Board.

Source: Kolkata Metro- Press Release | Image Credit (representational): Kolkata Metro

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