Kolkata Metro opens new metro car shed at Kavi Subhash Metro Station

In a significant move to provide an interchange point for the hassle free movement of the trains, Kolkata Metro has opened a new metro car shed at Kavi Subhash Metro Station and soon it will also open for the Orange Line.

More Details:

Kavi Subhash Metro station is the interchanging Metro station of Blue Line and New Garia Railway station of Eastern Railway. Soon it will also be the interchanging point of another line of Kolkata Metro, i.e. Orange Line. Like Blue Line, it is going to be o­ne of the terminal stations of Orange Line.

After the commercial service of Blue Line, the rakes are stabled here. For this Kavi Subhash has a Metro Car shed. But as the Orange Line will be opened within a few days, the number of rakes will be increased whose maintenance will be required. Currently Kavi Subhash Car shed does not have a maintenance facility but o­nly has stabling of rakes done there.

Significance of the Metro Car shed:

To serve the commuters better and reduce the maintenance pressure o­n Noapara Car Depot, a separate maintenance shed has been constructed beside the existing Kavi Subhash Car shed. This shed consists of Inspection Bay, Lifting Bay and Stabling Lines. It will cater to the needs of the Orange Line. Further notes:

  • The Inspection Bay is required for the routine and unscheduled maintenance which consists of a 3-tier inspection facility i.e. under the car, side portion of the car and roof of the car for maintenance. Two dedicated lines will be there to serve the purpose.

  • Lifting Bay is required during the maintenance time. The Stabling Bay is required for the stabling of rakes after the commercial services. This new shed has 6 new stabling lines.
  • This new Car shed also has an Automatic Train Washing Plant which will help to wash the rakes periodically.
  • One Battery powered Rail cum Road Shunter has been provided to facilitate shunting of Metro rakes in the yard.
  • It also has a 500 kWp Solar Power Plant o­n the roof of the shed, which will help to reduce the carbon footprint.


This infrastructure development marks Kolkata Metro’s commitment to provide fast travelling facilities for the people in the city. It will serve commuters a better experience with saving of their travelling time as well as reduce the maintenance pressure o­n Noapara Car Depot.

Source: Kolkata Metro- Press Release | Images Credit: Kolkata Metro