Kolkata Metro takes various initiatives to reduce carbon emissions

Metro Railway has been constantly striving hard to reduce carbon footprint by generating power from alternative sources. This initiative has gained momentum in recent times.

More Details:

  • Kolkata Metro has 2.1895 Mwp capacity of its own Solar Power Plants.
  • These plants have generated Solar Energy of 1777.936 Mwh units during the year 2022-23.
  • Due to this usage of Solar Power, 1457.91 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide emission could be prevented.
  • Till October,’23 of this fiscal, Metro Railway has generated 1413.219 Mwh units of Solar Energy which has helped to save 1158.84 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide emission.

  • Kolkata Metro has been emphasising o­n using more Solar Power which in turn has helped to stop emission of 5814.01 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide since 2014-15.
  • Most of these projects have been executed through Public-Private Partnership Mode.
  • These projects are equipped with all standard protection and safety checks.

Metro Railway has provided the rooftop areas whereas the solar power developer has done complete designing, procurement, installation, testing and commissioning work. Solar power developers operate and maintain these plants.

This solar power generation system of Metro Railway is being monitored through a cloud-based monitoring system. External computers and smart devices analyse plants’ performances with the help of built-in metres and data loggers. In the coming days too, Metro Railway is planning to generate more solar power.

Source: Kolkata Metro- Press Release | Images Credit: Kolkata Metro