Lucknow Metro Facilitates A Smooth Commute To All Transport Terminals

Indira Nagar Metro Station: A Blessing In Disguise

With the opening of the balance section of its North-South corridor over two months back, Lucknow Metro continues to win hearts and attract generous passenger base not just facilitating intra city commute but inter-city travel as well. This is being made possible due to the strategically designed route map which connects all major transport terminals of the city.

Everyday thousands of passengers take the metro to reach Chaudhary Charan Singh Airport, Charbagh Railway Station, Badshah nagar Railway Station, Alambagh Bus Stand and Polytechnic Bus Stand making it comfortable and time saving for them to catch a flight, train or a bus. Where on one hand Charbagh, CCS Airpport, Alambagh Bus Stand and Badshahnagar bear the same names as that of their corresponding transport terminals, Polytechnic Chauraha finds proximity in Indira Nagar Metro Station which is at a walking distance of barely 250 meters.

Indira Nagar Metro Station is becoming a favorite of scores of students who take the metro everyday to reach Polytechnic Chauraha to catch a bus or auto for their colleges and universities situated at Faizabad Road. Moreover, not only for the purpose of local commute, Lucknow Metro is also proving to be a boon for those who have to catch a bus from Polytechnic Chauraha to travel to nearby cities such as Barabanki, Gonda, Behraich, Basti etc. They simply de-board at Indira Nagar Metro Station and exit from Gate No. 2 which is a 2-3 minute walk to Polytechnic Bus Stand.

Another metro station which passengers can use to their convenience is the Durgapuri Metro Station. The reason is that while Charbagh Metro Station connects the Charbagh NR Railway Station, passengers de-boarding at Durgapuri Metro Station directly reach the platform level of the Lucknow Junction i.e. NER Railway Station.

Ever since its first commercial run in 2017, Lucknow Metro has been successfully serving the passengers at its best be it providing a smooth, comfortable travel experience or ensuring that not only the passengers but their belongings are safe as well. With the advent of Metro, the city is progressing in the direction of becoming a decongested, less-polluted and a cleaner place to live in.

Source : LMRC