Milestone Ahead: Kolkata Metro’s Siksha Tirtha Station Nearing Completion with State-of-the-Art Amenities

In a significant development, Siksha Tirtha Metro Station of Kolkata Metro on Kavi Subhash-Jai Hind (Airport) Corridor of Orange Line is progressing well as the overall work of this station is almost complete and soon will be open for the commuters.

More Details:

The construction work of Metro Railway (Kolkata)’s Siksha Tirtha Metro station o­n Kavi Subhash- Jai Hind (Airport) Corridor of Orange Line is going o­n in full swing. This station is going to come up near the Kalakshetra area. This station would provide an alternative gateway to the Eco Park. O­nce commissioned, this station is going to cater to thousands of passengers, tourists and office goers in the coming days. The overall work of this station is almost complete.

Amenities to be Provided:

  • State-of-the-art passenger amenities are going to be provided at Siksha Tirtha Metro station.
  • There will be 6 escalators, and
  • Four (04) lifts provided at this station.
  • Apart from these, 6 staircases will also be available here.
  • There will be two spacious platforms of 180-metre length at Siksha Tirtha station along with ticket counters,
  • Automatic Smart Card Recharge Machines (ASCRM) for self-ticketing facilities.
  • Apart from these, o­ne toilet for ladies, o­ne for gents and o­ne for divyangjan will be available for the convenience of the passengers.
  • Public Address System, digital display boards, emergency lighting facility for the convenience of the passengers, tactile floor indicators for the blind will be some other added amenities here.

As the overall construction work approaches completion, the Siksha Tirtha Metro Station is on track to soon open its doors to commuters. The station’s strategic location and comprehensive amenities aim to provide a smooth and efficient transit experience for the diverse range of passengers it will serve.

Stay tuned for the official inauguration, marking a significant milestone in Kolkata’s metro infrastructure and facilitating enhanced connectivity for the city’s residents.

Source: Kolkata Metro- Press Release | Images Credit: Kolkata Metro

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