MMRDA invites tender for appointment of Project Management Consultant for multi-modal integration facilities at 20 stations of Mumbai Metro Line-2B

Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has invited Request for Request for proposal for Appointment of Project Management Consultant for implementation of Multi-Modal Integration facilities at 20 stations of Mumbai Metro Line-2B.

  • Tender Reference No: MMRDA/T&C/MMI/PMC/2023
  • Name of Work: Request for proposal for Appointment of Project Management Consultant for implementation of Multi-Modal Integration facilities at 20 stations of Mumbai Metro Line-2B.
  • EMD: INR 01 Lakh
  • Document Download Sale/Start Date: 09th Nov, 2023
  • Document Download Sale/End Date: 11th Dec, 2023
  • Pre Bid Meeting Date: 21st Nov, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 09th Nov, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 11th Dec, 2023
  • Opening Date: 12th Dec, 2023

Background of the Engagement:

Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) is the Project Implementing Agency for the Metro Rail Projects in Mumbai Metropolitan Region. MMRDA has already initiated implementation of Metro Line 2A, 2B, 4, 5, 6, 7, 7A & 9 while works for metro lines 10, 11 & 12 will be commenced soon.

Along with this, to ease access/egress to metro stations, MMRDA has also undertaken Planning and Design of Multi Modal Integration (MMI) plans at Metro stations of Mumbai Metro lines.

It was discussed in many forums where the need for accessibility, safety and mobility (last mile connectivity) to Metro stations was justified and deliberated as need of the hour in conformity with the National Urban Transport Policy (NUTP-2006).

Through Multi Modal Integration, efficient dispersal by all modes of transport and last mile connectivity could be planned which will not only relieve the commuters but will also further enhance NMT and PT share, feeder and last mile connectivity through e-vehicles and bicycles will help reduce environmental degradation and pollution.

As per MMI plan, the station influence area will be redesigned for efficient & safe dispersal of traffic and commuters. This includes restructuring/ reconfiguration of Right of Way (ROW) i.e. carriageways and footpaths, shifting/ re-routing of ground and underground utilities (if required), street lights, shifting of Bus stops, providing pickup-drop off bays for Buses/IPT‟s/private vehicles, dedicated metro feeder through e-vehicles, wayfinding maps, signages, traffic signals/ signal cycles, CCTV surveillance, beautification, street furniture and PBS infrastructure.

This infrastructure upgrade is proposed to be carried out in a 500m radius of each metro station area which is the average walking distance for last mile connectivity to Mass Transit Stations.

Also, as the 500m areas overlap each other, this project will indirectly improve the entire corridor. However, for this assignment, Phase 1 scope will be implementation up to 250 m of station influence area.

Detailed study of the Multi-Modal Integration Plan was carried out through consultants. The Project report and GADs will be shared with successful bidders.

Stations included in this Engagement:

MMRDA invites proposals for appointment of Project Management Consultant (PMC) for Supervision, Monitoring of Multi Modal Integration facilities at 20 Stations of Mumbai Metro Line 2B. It includes the following stations of Metro Line 2B:

  • ESIC Nagar
  • Prem Nagar
  • Indira Nagar
  • Nanavati hospital
  • Khira Nagar
  • Saraswat Nagar
  • National College
  • Bandra
  • ITO Station
  • IL&FS Station
  • MTNL Station
  • SG Barve Marg Station
  • Kurla (E) Station
  • EEH Station
  • Chembur Station
  • Diamond Garden Station
  • Shivaji Chowk Station
  • BSNL Metro Station
  • Mankhurd Station
  • Mandale Station

Appointment of contractors is also being undertaken by MMRDA simultaneously for execution of works up to 250 m of influence area of each of the above 20 stations.

Scope of Works:

MMRDA is implementing multimodal integration facilities at Stations of Metro Line 2B (D.N. Nagar – BKC) is inviting proposals from in Line Project Management Consultant (PMC), having experience of handling similar projects as PMC and maintenance. Following „Terms of Reference‟ are elaborated for information / guidance of prospective PMC.

Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) is coordinating the planning, design and construction of the Metro Rail System and has prepared the Mumbai Metro Master Plan (which consists of over 14 metro lines).

Out of which, implementation of fully elevated Metro Line 2B is in the advanced stage of implementation. As large numbers of commuters are required to be dispersed especially during peak hours, design interventions are required to accommodate and integrate multiple modes (including pedestrian, cycle, Public Transport and IPT) near the station area. 

Improving the necessary infrastructure will improve reliability of Public Transport modes, improve access and reduce unsafe conditions. Improving the access/egress and last mile connectivity, infrastructure will also result in enhancement on ridership.

In this regard, MMRDA has studied the access to stations by all modes, through consultants for a total 20 stations on line 2B. As part of the study, every station was studied and detailed as MMI concept plans & General Arrangement Drawings (GADs) were prepared.

PMC is required to supervise, monitor and guide contractors in implementing the MMI plans as per concept drawings, GADs prepared by above mentioned Consultants.

Multi Modal Integration Project Components:

The MMI is proposed to be implemented in a 500 m radius of each metro station. However, for this assignment, Phase 1 scope will be implementation up to 250 m of station influence area. The components covered in the plan is as below:

  • Footpath widening
  • Cycle Track & docks
  • Parking Bays for Bus, Auto, Car/ola/uber
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Junction Improvements, Lane markings
  • At grade roads
  • Pavement Flexible/Rigid
  • Utility Corridor/DUCT
  • Utility shifting(if required)
  • Storm Water Drain
  • Street lighting and Electrical
  • Security related infrastructure including CCTV, Control Room, etc
  • Signage & wayfinding maps
  • Retaining walls and culverts
  • Provision for Landscape elements
  • Water supply and piping network for irrigation and landscape purpose.
  • Street Furniture, railing, bollards, Benches
  • Traffic Signals
  • Painting, beatification, etc
  • Shop drawings for prototype design of procurement from vendors

Role of PMC:

  • The services shall include proof checking of designs for civil work where the contract is on a Design and Construct/ EPC basis.
  • PMC is expected to carry out complete checking, verification and approval to all civil contract design submissions and inspection of items wherever needed, supervision of all construction activities including coordination, ensuring specifications, standards, safety and quality assurance till completion of works, monitoring and reporting the progress of all works, supervision and ensuring commissioning of the entire project in stages as per the target dates laid, at the same time exercising utmost cost control measures.
  • PMC shall assist in dispute resolutions, audit remarks, RTI Replies and all necessary services. The role of PMC will be in effect till defects liability period. The project report and GADs will be shared with the successful bidder.


  • The bidder shall have a minimum 15 years of Total Experience in providing Project Development / Project management / Project Design, Supervision and Management consultancy services in implementation of Urban Road Improvements / footpath development infrastructure / station improvement schemes.
  • The bidder shall have experience of PMC for supervising execution works of at least 02 (Two) multimodal integration projects /SATIS projects for MRTS/BRTS/LRTS project in the last 10 years, or
  • The bidding firm shall have experience of supervising execution of at least 03 (three) Street Development projects in Million plus Cities.
  • The Bidder shall have Average Annual turnover INR 10 Crores and above for the last 3 consecutive financial years preceding the due date.

Tender documents can be obtained online from MMRDA e-Tendering Portal:

Source: MMRDA- Tender | Image Credit (representational): MMRDA