MPMRCL invites tender for Indore metro rail project’s twin tunnel and underground stations

Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MPMRCL) has initiated the tender process for constructing twin tunnels and underground stations for the Indore Metro Rail Project.

Brief about Tender Submission:

Name of Work: Design & Construction of Twin Tunnel (Up & Down by Shield TBM), Cut & Cover, Cross-passages with/without sump, Ramps, Seven (07) Underground Stations (Indore Railway station, Rajwada, Chota Ganpati, Bada Ganpati, Ramchandra Nagar, BSF/Kalani Nagar and Airport) including Architectural finishing, Plumbing (Water Supply, Sanitary Installation, Drainage facilities and other Plumbing work as directed by the Engineer) works in entire Underground Section from chainage 5+862 to 14+482.347~14+488 for Indore Metro Rail Project.

Tender Reference Number350/MPMRCL/2024/IN05
Estimated Cost (in Rs.)25,50,00,00,000/-
EMD (in Rs.)25,50,00,000/-
Contract Period1456 Days
Document Download/Sale Start Date20th Feb, 2024
Bid Submission Start Date15th Apr, 2024
Bid Submission End Date22nd Apr, 2024
Pre Bid Meeting Date18th Mar, 2024
Bid Opening Date23rd Apr, 2024

Scope of Works:


  • The tunnel construction methodology and tunnelling equipment shall be designed to limit impact on adjacent overhead structures;
  • Geotechnical borehole soil investigation to verify the design;
  • Tunnel Lining;
  • Cut & Cover
  • Tunnel Drainage;
  • Cross Passages with/ without sumps;
  • Escape Shafts;
  • Ventilation Shafts;
  • Trackway Exhaust Fans & accessories.
  • Over track extraction ducts (OTE)
  • Under platform exhaust ducts (UPE)
  • Tunnel emergency walk/maintenance ways
  • Tunnel Fire detection and suppression works
  • Cross-passage ventilation
  • First stage Track Bed mass concrete.

Stations & Associated Works:

The Schedule ‘A’ shall include Design and Construction of the Permanent and temporary works and services necessary to complete 7 underground stations; namely Indore Railway station, Rajwada station, Chota Ganpati station ,Bada Ganpati station, Ramchandra Nagar station ,BSF/Kalani Nagar station and Airport station along with ‘station entry-exit structures, lift entry structures, subways, ancillary buildings, ventilation & services shafts, emergency exits, utilities galleries and all associated structures.

The Schedule ‘A’ shall include all civil and structural works of the stations. This includes all Front of House as well as Back of House areas shown in (but not limited to) the tender drawings such as public areas, operational & control rooms, HVAC plant rooms, ASS/TSS rooms, TVF rooms, E&M rooms, shafts, openings, sleeves, foundations, access hatch, system rooms and all other rooms such as pump houses, water tanks, diesel generator set room or enclosure etc. It shall include all Civil and Structural works of aboveground structures except architectural finishes covered in other Schedules in Tender Pricing Document (part I).

Eligibility Criteria:

Minimum average annual construction turnover of INR 956 Crores calculated as total certified payments received for contracts in progress or completed, within the last 05 (Five) years.

Similar Works:

Similar Work” for this contract shall mean the work pertaining to Tunnel construction by TBM of at least Five (5.00) Km or more length (in case of twin tunnel each tunnel shall be counted as a separate Tunnel for calculation of length of tunnel) with finished internal diameter of at least 5.0 metre, which may include construction of Underground Stations (may include Architectural Finishes) also within the same contract in Urban environment for Metro/Railways/High Speed Rail/Commuter Trains/Regional Rail systems.

This tender announcement reflects MPMRCL’s commitment to advancing the Indore Metro Rail Project, promising improved transportation infrastructure for the city’s residents and commuters.

Tenderers may download the tender documents from the official e-portal

Source: MPMRCL- Tender | Image Credit (representational): Indore Metro

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