MPMRCL invites tenders for supply of Substation under Subhash Nagar Depot

The Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MPMRCL) has invited e-tenders from reputed and experienced contractors for following Works.

  • Tender Reference Number: 370/MPMRCL/2022/BH_11
  • Name of Work: “Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 3 X 8 Mva, 33/11kv Substation and 33kv & 11kv Line Work including Associated Works for Shifting of Existing Motia Talab Substation Old Ci Colony Jahangirabad under Subhash Nagar Depot Area for Madhya Pradesh Madhya Kshetra Vidyut Vitaran Company Limited.
  • Approx. cost of work: INR 6.50 Crore
  • Completion Period: 182 Days
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 16-Mar-2022 
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 25-Apr-2022
  • Pre Bid Meeting Date: 01-Apr-2022 
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 18-Apr-2022
  • Bid Submission End Date: 25-Apr-2022 
  • Bid Opening Date: 26-Apr-2022 

Scope of Work:

Scope of works under this contract is as under:

  • The MPMRCL is providing 50×60 m new land (East-Gali, West-Juvenile Court, North-Road, South-JJ area) near Juvenile Court and propose to install 3×8 MVA=24 MVA Power Transformer. The MPMRCL will provide service road along the boundary of Metro Depot, so that 33kV and 11kV line may be laid through this space.
  • In first phase, 2×8 MVA New power Transformer 33/11 kV will be provided at new location (Juvenile Court) and load of complete old substation will be transferred on it and nearby substation. In Second phase, 1×8 MVA Power transformer will be shifted to new Substation and 3.15 MVA and 1×5 MVA will be returned to the Area store Bhopal through the supervising authority (MPMKVVCL) by the bidder. The location of new Substation is on Hard rock and this plot area is in slanting condition, thus extra civil work involved. Earthing cost incorporated as per hard rock.
  • The Existing 33 kV lines at existing 33/11 kV Motiya Talab substation are 33kV Kilandev feeder ,33kV Chambal-2 feeder (33kV HTC feeder through Arera Hills Substation) and 33kV outgoing Vidhan Sabha feeder.
  • Now it is proposed to connect the new location of Substation with 33kV Kilandev, 33kV Chambal-2, 33kV DB Mall incoming and 33kV HTC Outgoing Chief Election office feeder and 33 kV Vallabh Bhawan feeder also proposed for 33kV Habibganj-3 feeder will be extended from Jivan Motor to new Substation and propose 3 no 11 kV feeder each from 8 MVA Power Transformer. Hence, total Nine (09) number feeder is proposed to emanate from this new Substation. The new Substation will be SCADA compatible, since existing substation is also SCADA Compatible.
  • The work shall be executed by Class “A” (A4 and above) Electrical contractor registered with MPMKVVCL. The Employer (MPMRCL) will provide the land for this substation and will transfer in the name of MPMKVVCL. After successful commissioning of the project, the same shall be handed over to the supervising authority i.e. MPMKVVCL by the bidder.
  • All dismantled materials, from existing substation with associated 11 and 33 kV lines shall be handed over to the Supervising Authority (MPMKVVCL), area store Bhopal adhering all safety measures.
  • Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of all the materials mentioned in Price Schedule.
  • The Bidder shall procure steel from SAIL (Steel Authority Of India). for all types of H-Beams, RS Joist, Channels, Angles, Flats and steel to be used for all types of fabricated steel items such as V-Cross Arm, Top Clamps, Guarding Angles, Guarding channels, Clamps, Cleats etc. shall procure from SAIL(Steel Authority Of India).However in case of refusal or abnormal delay in supply from (SAIL Steel Authority Of India) the steel material can also be procured from Rashtriya Ispat Nigam (RINL), TATA Steel Ltd. (TSL), JSW Steel Ltd., ESSAR Steel Ltd., Ispat Industries Ltd., Jindal Steel & Power Ltd.. All kind of fabricated item such as V-Cross Arm, Top Clamps, Guarding Angles, Guarding Channels Clamps, Cleats etc. must be galvanized as per relevant IS Standard by the bidder. If steel section is procured from any other source, in that case the material shall be out rightly rejected. Execution of all other works as per tender document.
  • A set of drawings are enclosed with this bid document. These are tender drawings and are to be approved by the Supervising Authority (MPMKVVCL). These drawings are indicative in nature and therefore, must be referred while preparing drawings for approval.
  • Pre-dispatch inspection shall be performed on various materials at manufacturer’s work place for which contractor shall be required to raise requisition giving at least 10-day time. The inspection of all the billable materials at works of sub-vendors shall be done as per the approved GTP/Drawings & Indian standard procedures by the Inspector Nominated by the Supervising Authority (MPMKVVCL). After successful Inspection of material Dispatch Instructions shall be issued by the office of the Supervising Authority (MPMKVVCL). after which Contractor shall lift the materials to its site stores. The contractor shall ensure receipt of material at site within 21 days from date of receipt of dispatch instructions. The turnkey contractor shall ensure that pre-dispatch inspection for materials are intimated only when the material is completely ready for inspection. On due date of inspection, if it is found that materials are not ready in required quantities, all expenditures incurred on deployment of various inspecting officials along with a fine as prescribed in relevant GCC shall be recovered from the bills of the agency. 2nd  such situation at same manufacturer/supplier shall result in rejection of name of manufacturer from list of approved vendors/sub-vendors.

The complete document can be downloaded from

Source: MPMRCL-Tender