N.F. Railway’s New Jalpaiguri station to be upgraded as world class multi-modal transportation hub

For development of Railway stations, the Railway Ministry has formulated up gradation/modernization plans of stations o­n Indian Railways under various developmental schemes.

More Details:

  • Among the 204 stations identified, New Jalpaiguri station under N.F. Railway has also been identified to be upgraded with world class features for providing better, additional and enhanced passenger amenities.
  • Work for the up-gradation work has already started. UTS cum PRS counters and MCO offices are being shifted. Existing parking area will also be shifted to a new location. Parcel and RMS offices will also be shifted to new locations.
  • Old structures including front retail areas and offices etc in the main station building shall also to be demolished to get the site ready for commencing civil construction works as planned.
  • The station is being designed to have ultra-modern amenities like large covered parking area, 24X7 power backup, drinking water, air-conditioned lobby, offices, shops, high speed escalator, lift, Air concourse, hotels etc. to provide passengers the airport-like feel & comfort at the same time.

  • The station will have a central air space concourse of 72 metre long and 82 metre wide. This shall ensure minimal congestion and loading o­n platforms to avoid any mishaps or overcrowding. There will be complete segregation between arriving and departing passengers.
  • A smooth flow of passengers shall be ensured through the planned station user movement and additional new foot over bridges. An elevated road has been proposed reaching the existing ground level to the proposed departure lobby at height of more than 9 metre.
  • Also, a road has been proposed reaching the proposed ground level to the arrival lobby. Station will have dedicated pick up and drop off parking facilities for the station users.
  • Provision of parking for cars, two wheelers, rickshaws, taxis and buses will also be available. There will be separate Green Podium. After completion of the upgradation work of the station, the station will be ready to handle passenger footfall of more than seventy thousand per day from thirty six thousand per day at present.
  • The approximate estimated cost of the entire work of upgrading the New Jalpaiguri station will be Rs. 334.72 crore.

  • New Jalpaiguri station is o­ne of the largest as well as busiest railway stations of N.F. Railway, which serves as a crucial point for all the North-eastern states. New Jalpaiguri acts as a connecting base for the North-eastern states to the Indian mainland.
  • New Jalpaiguri is the railway station of the largest city of North Bengal (Siliguri), which is popularly referred as the gateway of northeast India. Up gradation of New Jalpaiguri station will further help in boosting various sectors of local economy including travel, tourism etc in North Bengal as well as Sikkim. The project of up gradation is targeted to be completed by 2025.
  • Up gradation/modernization of stations o­n Indian Railways is a continuous and o­n-going process and works in this regard are undertaken as per requirement, subject to availability of land and other resources.

Source: Northeast Frontier Railway- Press Release | Images Credit: Northeast Frontier Railway