Nagpur Metro expands infrastructure: Tender released for Entry-Exit structure and Foot Over Bridge Construction

In a significant leap forward for Nagpur’s metro network, the Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MMRCL) has kickstarted the tender process for constructing the Entry/Exit structure and Foot Over Bridge, bolstering connectivity and accessibility within the city.

Brief about Tender Submission:

Name of the Work: Construction of Civil Works of 2nd Entry/Exit structure and Foot Over Bridge (FOB approx. 110m) connecting Station Building of Cotton Market Metro station in Reach-4 Section of Nagpur Metro Rail Project.

Tender Reference NumberN2-033/C-10/2024
Estimated Cost (in Rs.)9,84,39,676/-
EMD (in Rs.)4,92,000/-
Contract Period08 Months
Document Download/Sale Start Date15th Feb, 2024
Bid Submission Start Date15th Feb, 2024
Bid Submission End Date06th Mar, 2024
Bid Opening Date07th Mar, 2024

Scope of Works:

  • Layout Plans of Station Entry Exit structures showing the land boundary, all structural and architectural finishing drawings for the permanent structures shall be furnished to the successful bidder by the Engineer for the scope of work under this contract.
  • Payment of the works under this section will be made under the relevant schedule of the BOQ. For the works for which payment is to be made on measurement basis, shall be executed and measured as per metric units given in the Schedule of Quantities, drawings etc.
  • A method statement regarding the construction in accordance with the specification mentioned in this contract, shall be submitted by the Contractor for approval of the Engineer, well in advance of the commencement of work.
  • The classification of various items of works for purposes of measurements and payments shall be as per Bills of Quantities (BOQ). Except where distinguished by BOQ, the rates apply to all heights, depths, leads, lifts, sizes, shapes and locations. They also cater for all cuts and wastes.
  • No height wise / floor wise separation shall be made for the rates. Likewise all heights of centering, shuttering, staging, formwork and scaffolding, launching trusses and other launching methods are covered by the quoted rates including multi stage propping for heights greater than one lift / floor as per drawings.
  • The work under this contract shall consist of, but not limited to all materials, labour, equipment, tools, plants and necessary machinery as required to completely execute all the works falling under the scope of this contract, shall be paid on item rate basis under relevant head of schedule of BOQ.
  • The cost for adopting the provisions laid under this chapter is deemed to be included in the rate quoted against the various schedules of BOQ.

Connecting FOB:

  • The superstructure for the Foot over Bridge Connecting the proposed 2nd Entry/Exit of the Cotton Market Metro Station with the existing Station Box (Refer Tender Drawings) shall be fabricated out of Structural Steel.
  • The detailed design for the same shall be provided to the successful bidder by the Employer/Engineer.
  • The scope of Contractor shall include “Supply of Material, Preparation of Shop Drawings based on detailed design, Fabrication and Erection of FoB Structure at site and installation of the PEB roof for the same as per approved drawings and as per the directions of Engineer-In- Charge.
  • The work shall be carried out in line with the technical specifications. The contractor shall submit the as built drawings for the FoB structure.

Eligibility Criteria:

Minimum average annual turnover of INR 19.68 Crores in the last 5 (five) years. Last five years shall be (FY 2018-19, 19-20, 20-21, 21-22 & 22-23).

General Experience:

A minimum of Similar Work contracts specified below that have been satisfactorily completed as a prime contractor or joint venture member during last 7 (Seven) years, ending on the last day of the month, previous to which the latest bid due date falls.

  • One Similar completed Work costing not less than the amount equal to Rs. 7.87 Crores; or
  • Two Similar completed Works costing not less than the amount equal to Rs. 4.92 Crores; or
  • Three Similar completed Works costing not less than the amount equal to Rs. 3.94 Crores.

Future Implications:

The successful completion of this tender will not only enhance Nagpur’s metro infrastructure but also contribute to the city’s overall development and connectivity. The project signifies MMRCL’s commitment to advancing public transportation and fostering sustainable urban growth in Nagpur.


As Nagpur’s metro network continues to expand, initiatives like the Entry/Exit structure and Foot Over Bridge construction play a vital role in improving commuter experience and facilitating seamless travel across the city. The tender release marks a significant milestone in Nagpur’s journey towards becoming a modern, well-connected metropolis.

Sale of document, e-payment procedure, submission and other details are available on MAHA-Metro (Nagpur) E- tender portal under section in e- tenders. 

Source: MMRCL- Tender | Image Credit (representational): Nagpur Metro