National Capital Region Transport Corporation opens doors for events and film shoots at RRTS stations and trains

The National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC) has recently introduced a comprehensive policy to rent out NCRTC/RRTS premises and the iconic Namo-Bharat trains for hosting events, including film shootings. Spaces, such as RRTS stations and Namo-Bharat trains, are now available for short-term hire for film shootings, documentaries, TV commercials, etc.

More Details:

With the proliferation of OTT platforms and the digital landscape, there has been a surge in the utilisation of public transport systems, particularly metro rail systems, as backdrops for filming feature films, documentaries, and web series.

NCRTC’s decision to open its doors to such activities provides a lucrative opportunity for filmmakers seeking dynamic and modern shooting locations. RRTS’s infrastructures boast international standards in architecture and design coupled with contemporary aesthetics and world-class facilities making them optimal choices for filmmakers aiming for visually captivating and versatile settings.

Shooting Attractions:

  • The architectural and design brilliance of RRTS stations and Namo-Bharat trains makes them exceptional choices for film shooting.
  • Drawing inspiration from the vibrant hues of the peacock feather, RRTS stations showcase striking blue and beige tones, extending this captivating palette to their exterior facades.
  • These stations offer well-lit and airy spaces, suffused with natural light.

  • Further enhancing their visual appeal, beige perforated panels and louvres facilitate smooth airflow, adding both aesthetic charm and practical functionality.
  • Meanwhile, Namo-Bharat trains represent the epitome of modernity, boasting sleek designs and an array of passenger-centric amenities.
  • With their aerodynamic profiles designed to minimise air drag at high speeds, these trains provide wide gangways, tinted panoramic windows, and an impeccably seamless travel experience, making them optimal settings for cinematic storytelling. 

NCRTC/RRTS premises can also be rented for event purposes other than shooting. If Namo Bharat Trains are required during night hours (Non-revenue Hour) then booking of events can also be considered. The schedule and the booking fee for hiring NCRTC’s premises including per scheduled hour of occupancy for commercial purposes shall be as follows:

Corridor Corridor Details Area of Booking Booking Rate (INR) (₹)/hour
Delhi- Ghaziabad- Meerut All stations Inside Namo- Bharat train 2,00,000/-
Inside RRTS Station 2,00,000/-
Both Namo-Bharat trains & Station 3,00,000/
Depots/Sites 2,50,000/-

Filmmakers now have an inviting opportunity to tap into the futuristic appeal of RRTS Stations and Namo-Bharat Trains, elevating the visual narratives of their cinematic endeavours on par with global standards at competent charges. 

The 82 km-long Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut RRTS Corridor stands as India’s pioneering RRTS corridor to be implemented in the country. This corridor will encompass 25 stations, inclusive of two depot stations. Additionally, local transit services are slated to be offered on the RRTS network in Meerut, covering 13 stations within a span of 23 km to cater to local transit needs. 

On October 20, 2023, the Honourable Prime Minister inaugurated India’s first RRTS and flagged off the Namo Bharat train. With this, the 17-kilometre-long priority section between Sahibabad and Duhai Depot was operationalized for the public.

The 25 km stretch between Duhai and Meerut South RRTS station is the next section of the RRTS corridor set to be operationalized for the public after the priority Section. This section encompasses a total of 4 stations: Murad Nagar, Modi Nagar North, Modi Nagar South, and Meerut South. Trial runs on this section are ongoing.

NCRTC’s initiative provides filmmakers with the opportunity to leverage the international standards in architecture, design, and world-class facilities offered by RRTS infrastructure, making it an optimal choice for those aiming for high-quality and aesthetically pleasing shooting locations.

Source: NCRTC- Press Release | Images Credit: NCRTC

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