NCRTC awards tender to M/s Student Box and Services Pvt. Ltd. for semi-naming and co-branding rights for Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut RRTS Corridor

National Capital Region Transport Corporation Limited (NCRTC) has taken a significant step towards enhancing its revenue streams by issuing a Letter of Acceptance (LoA) to M/s Student Box and Services Pvt. Ltd. for Selection of licensee for exclusive semi-naming/co-branding rights at selected stations of Delhi – Ghaziabad – Meerut RRTS Corridor of NCRTC.

  • Tender Reference Number: DM/MS/COR-OF/223
  • Name of Work: Selection of licensee for exclusive semi-naming/co-branding rights at selected stations of Delhi – Ghaziabad – Meerut RRTS Corridor of NCRTC.
  • Awarded Value: INR 1,52,37,082.28/-
  • Licence Period: 03 Years

In July 2023, the NCRTC invited a tender for Tender Number: DM/MS/COR-OF/223


NCRTC is implementing the Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) projects across the National Capital Region (NCR), ensuring balanced and sustainable urban development through better connectivity and access.

For this purpose, a total 08 (eight) corridors have been identified for implementation. Out of these, 03 (three) corridors namely, Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut, Delhi-Alwar and Delhi-Panipat are planned to be implemented in the first phase. Corridor-I (Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut) is the first corridor under implementation for revenue service.

All RRTS corridors shall be interoperable with seamless connectivity among each other which means passengers boarding trains from any corridor shall be capable of travelling to other corridors and vice-versa seamlessly. Sarai Kale Khan (SKK)  station near Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station is planned to be the interoperable station for the first three corridors.

Corridor-I (Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut) consists of approx. 82 km elevated/at grade/underground section from Sarai Kale Khan (in Delhi) to Modipuram (in Uttar Pradesh).

There are 25 stations on this corridor (16 stations of RRTS and 9 stations of MRTS) of which 04 are interchange stations (between RRTS and MRTS) namely Meerut South, Shatabdi Nagar, Begampul, and Modipuram. In the section from Meerut South to Modipuram station, both RRTS and MRTS trains shall operate on the same infrastructure. Projected Footfall Data is mentioned in Annexure-A.

Tentative date of opening of the following stations:

Sr. No. Station Name Tentative date of opening
  Ghaziabad (Elevated) July 2023
  Sahibabad (Elevated) July 2023
  Guldhar (Elevated) July 2023
  Duhai (Elevated) July 2023
  Anand Vihar (Underground) December 2023

Objectives of the Licence:

  • NCRTC intends to monetize the commercial potential of Delhi – Meerut RRTS Corridor which will act as a source of funds for meeting operations cost.
  • To augment non-fare box revenue of NCRTC through semi-naming / co-branding rights.
  • NCRTC has carried out a feasibility study for Non-Fare Box Revenue (NBFR) generation which has identified semi-naming/co-branding rights as one of the revenue heads.
  • In addition to revenue augmentation, semi-naming/co-branding rights Licences are also intended to enhance the overall aesthetics of the RRTS Stations.

Scope of Works:

Brand name and logo as approved by the Authority to be prefixed or suffixed to the station name at all places wherever the station name is displayed at the station(s). Neon signs of the brand logo/name may be put up at all entry / exit structures to the station(s). Font size of Brand Name/logo shall not be more than that of RAPIDX station(s).

First choice for selecting the locations of advertisement spaces at the concourse and platform levels, fare collection gates, staircases, elevators, lifts, entry/exit gates etc. (subject to area specified in Annexure-B). Bare/Built-up Retail/Promotion space at one or more locations at operationally feasible location in the station(s) premises for Licensee’s legitimate activity for office/business purpose only (subject to area specified in Annexure-B and without prejudice to the rights of the O&M Operator).

Painting of station at entry/exit structures, station exteriors as well as the station interiors (at concourse and platform) with the colour theme of the brand. However, the aesthetic look of the  station(s) has to be maintained. Branding/Painting at all Columns of the Station(s) (from Ground to Concourse Level) (Except Ghaziabad Station) and also at 3 Nos. Piers of Viaduct at either side of the respective Elevated Station(s) shall be allowed. 

In-train announcements on the public announcement system to prefix or suffix the brand name as trains approach stations. Brand logo to be displayed at the bottom of the station maps as ‘Brand Partner’. 01 (one) mobile canopy of size [6 feet x 6 feet] for experiential marketing in paid/ unpaid area inside the station(s).

Detailed Information:

  • The stations would be handed over on “as is where is basis”. The Licensee shall/can either suffix or prefix the specified brand name with the name of the station i.e., the selected station can be named as ― [XYZ [Brand Name] or [Brand Name [XYZ]; where XYZ is the name of the selected station. However, the following needs to be considered:
    • If the brand name is more than 01 (one) word, any such composite brand name may include the Licensee’s name in conjunction with other words, subject to prior written approval of NCRTC.
    • The prefixing or suffixing are to be done with a separate font, colour as well as size which is distinct from the NCRTC / RRTS station name signage at the said station.
    • Further, the font size used for prefixing or suffixing shall not be more than the font size of NCRTC / RRTS station name.
  • The brands associated with following products and services will not be considered for Exclusive semi-naming / co-branding rights:
    • Products/services related to any activity which is considered unlawful / illegal as per the Indian law.
    • Products/services that promote liquor/alcohol-based drinks / drugs / cigarette / tobacco/pan masala related products.
    • Products / services propagating racial, caste, community, or ethnic differences 
    • Products / services having sexual overtone 
    • Products / services promoting weapons and related items (such as firearms, firearm parts and magazines, Ammunition, explosives items etc.)
    • Lottery tickets, sweepstakes entries, slot machines and related products.
    • Products / services related to animal cruelty
  • Products / services that promote or oppose a political party or promote or oppose any ballot referendum or the election of any candidate or group of candidates for central, state, judicial, or local government offices.
  • Products / services that are restricted or prevented from advertising as per policies or regulations from central, state, or local government bodies.
  • NCRTC shall, subject to limits specified in Annexure-B, provide branding opportunities on Entry/Exit structures, columns, beams (without affecting the NCRTC colour scheme on facade) and space inside stations at the selected stations to the Licensee with prior approval from the Employer. Indoor advertisement inventory must be utilised for the same brand which is approved for Exclusive Semi-Naming/Co-Branding Rights at the selected station.
  • The Licensee can utilize any format of advertisement including and not limited to backlit panels, scrollers, floor branding, roof branding, digital display etc. with prior written approval from NCRTC.
  • NCRTC will facilitate the licensee for In-train announcements on the public  announcement system by prefixing or suffixing the brand name as the train approaches the station. However, audio advertisement in any other form at the station or in-train is not permitted.
  • NCRTC shall provide indoor advertising space inside each of the selected station and shall include the following:
    • Fixed / moveable panels,
    • Product displays,
    • Staircases,
    • Escalators,
    • Elevator spaces
    • Turnstile,
    • Frisking panels / equipment,
  • Smart posters, visual display by electronic media without audio,
  • Projectors/holography or any other innovative advertisement media, 
  • Digital advertising panels in the form of LCD/LED panels, video walls or any similar format of advertisement without audio,
  • Smart posters, QR codes/graphics.
  • The following activities shall also be permitted as a part of branding and is not included in the advertisement inventory of indoor display space at each station given in Annexure-B.
  • The branding utilised in these activities must be for the same brand which is approved for Exclusive Semi-Naming/Co-Branding Rights at the selected station(s):
  • 01 (one) mobile canopy of size [6 feet x 6 feet] for experiential marketing in paid/ unpaid area inside the station at operationally feasible location decided by NCRTC; the cost of setting up the canopy shall be borne solely by the Licensee (without prejudice to the rights of the O&M Operator),
  • Bare/Built-up Retail/Promotion space subject to total area not exceeding the area specified in Annexure-B at one or more operationally feasible location inside of station building in paid/unpaid area for Licensee’s legitimate activity for office/business purpose only,
  • Branding of station building (without change in aesthetic look of the respective station(s)) in brand’s colour by painting or by using 3M vinyl pasting or equivalent,
  • Branding at Paver Blocks (at stations parking area and Entry/Exit area) are also allowed.
  • Painting with brand themes at Station Parking boundary walls is allowed. However, Brand name shall not be allowed to be written on these parking area boundary walls of the respective Station(s).
    • Refurbishment of station exterior and interior in brand’s colour scheme & theme,
    • Installation of logo and neon sign on top of the entrance gate of the selected station.
    • Brand logo to be displayed at the bottom of the station maps as ‘Brand Partner’.
    • Painting/Branding at Steel Structures (PEB) will not be allowed.
    • Station façade and aesthetic look/design shall not be allowed for Branding/Painting.
  • As part of its rights mentioned above, the Licensee shall be entitled, at his own cost, to prepare a scheme and undertake the theme, design, layout, colour scheme / graphics and  other features of the station(s) that may be required to customise for branding and imparting “Look and Feel” to the station(s) for the promotion of its brand, subject to prior approval of NCRTC.
  • The plan should be in tune with and not disturb the aesthetics of the station(s). The branding display plan hence prepared must comply with technical parameters of any relevant state policy, directives given by courts, or any other prevailing policy.
  • The branding and colouring of the station shall be undertaken by the Licensee at its own cost after taking prior approval from NCRTC. The work related to installation of branding equipment and colouring of the station shall be undertaken by the Licensee in a manner that does not affect O&M of the trains & the station.
  • During the Licence Period, the Licensee may be permitted to change the brand name of the station, logo or modify the theme of the advertising inventory at its own cost after approval from NCRTC. However, to avoid frequent changes in the name of the station, a specific brand should be displayed for a period of at least 01 (one) year.
  • In the event the change in brand name is necessitated due to the merger, amalgamation or acquisition of the entity owning the brand with/ by another entity, the brand name may be modified within a time period shorter than the minimum of 1 (one) year stipulated above.
  • If the licensee changes the brand name of the station, logo or modifies the theme of the advertising inventory then non-competing clauses as defined in para 2.9 of scope of work shall not be applicable.
  • Rights and Obligations: The Licensee shall have exclusive rights and obligations to perform as follows:
  • The Licensee shall prepare a Branding Plan covering all elements as per the ‘seminaming/co-branding rights Inclusions’ and submit to NCRTC for approval which must specify exact locations, type of branding planned, materials to be used etc.
  • NCRTC shall consider the plan with respect to aesthetics, Operational feasibility, safety and security concerns, specifications of the paints and other materials used and other technical or operational considerations and reserves the right not to give approval if it deems that such works may act as hindrance to the smooth functioning of its operations at the station.
  • The Licensee shall procure and install branding fixtures in consultation with NCRTC without damaging the station structures, utilities or finishes in case of damage NCRTC will recover the cost from the Licensee.
  • The Licensee shall operate, manage and maintain all branding equipment by themselves.
  • Maintenance activities in relation to semi-naming/ co-branding scope that are of non-intrusive nature shall be permitted during peak hours, while intrusive maintenance activities shall be permitted during non-peak hours & non operational hours only.
  • The Licensee shall obtain all approvals, permits, no objection certificates etc. from all Competent Authorities, including different tiers of government/PSU, statutory, local, civic authorities, etc. at its own cost. NCRTC shall facilitate the process by providing necessary support to the Licensee.
  • The Licensee shall comply with all statutory requirements in connection with the License.
  • Ensure regular and timely payments of all amounts due to NCRTC and discharge all obligations as per Bidding documents.
  • GST and Advertisement Taxes, as applicable from time to time, shall also be borne by Licensee, in addition to the licence fee.
  • All other statutory taxes, statutory dues, local levies, as applicable (other than those, mentioned above) shall be charged extra and will have to be remitted along with the Licence Fees for onward remittance to the Government. The Licensee shall indemnify NCRTC from any claims that may arise from the statutory authorities in connection with this Licence.
  • The Licensee will be responsible for installation, operation, maintenance, and removal of its assets, including but not limited to advertisement panels, billboards, creative’s, products etc. While NCRTC shall provide security at stations, NCRTC shall not be responsible for any vandalism, theft or damage to any advertisement panels or billboard or creatives or products or any other such thing put up by Licensee on the station.
  • The Licensee shall ensure that station building including walls, floor, roof etc. are not damaged in any manner and all installation, operation, maintenance and removal of advertisement billboards, creatives etc. shall be done after taking prior written permission of NCRTC.
  • The Licensee shall submit the colouring scheme for the respective station within 45 (forty-five) days of date of LOA, to NCRTC for approval so that further action on it can be taken.
  • The colouring/white washing/signages in this case shall be done by the Licensee according to NCRTC approved specifications at its own cost. The License Fee shall be applicable after the fitment period of the station.

The NCRTC’s strategic move to monetize semi-naming and co-branding rights represents a forward-thinking approach to revenue generation, ensuring sustainable urban development and improved connectivity across the National Capital Region.

Source: NCRTC- Tender Update | Image Credit (representational): NCRTC

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