NCRTC Project Update: Over Head Equipment (OHE) charged at 25 KV capacity in the priority section from Duhai Depot to Ghaziabad RRTS Station

NCRTC has charged Over Head Equipment (OHE) at 25 KV capacity from Duhai Depot to Ghaziabad RRTS station to run India’s first regional rail in the priority section.

More Details:

  • In this process, to test the charged OHE, the RRTS train successfully took a ride up to Ghaziabad RRTS station. OHE in the remaining portion of the priority section will be charged soon as well.
  • To make a safe and reliable RRTS network, all different technical elements are to be tested individually. Once these tests are successful, all its sub-systems viz. rolling stock, OHE, track and telecom & signalling as well as station infrastructure, platform screen doors etc. will be tested in an integrated manner to check their compatibility with each other and their behavior from the public safety point of view. The track work has already been laid out in the priority section.

  • In this new year, Over Head Equipment (OHE) has been charged with a capacity of 25 KV from the feeding post of the RRTS depot in Duhai to the feeding post near Ghaziabad RRTS station. To test the functioning of the OHE, the train was taken out of the depot for the first time and brought to the Ghaziabad RRTS station.
  • It was a unique and first-time experience for all the engineers, technicians, architects, and staff working on the project to successfully test the OHE for the first Regional Rail in the country.

  • To test the track and traction, the RRTS train was run from Duhai Station to Guldhar station at the speed of 5 kmph. After the functioning of OHE was found successful, the train proceeded towards Ghaziabad station and returned from the crossover built before the station. During this process, the train was operated manually under the Train Control Management System (TCMS).
  • On the return journey from Ghaziabad, the speed of the train was accelerated at 25 kmph to test the OHE, and first stopped at Guldhar station, then at Duhai station and finally brought back to Duhai Depot station.

  • The installation of OHE on this entire section has reached the final stage, and soon the priority section will be fully charged. The high-speed trial run will soon commence on the priority section.
  • NCRTC is targeting to commence the operations of trains in the priority section in March 2023. There are five stations in this section, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad, Guldhar, Duhai and Duhai Depot. All these stations are almost ready for operations, and currently, their finishing is being done.

Source: NCRTC- Press Release | Images Credit: NCRTC