NCRTC Tender Update: M/s EKI Energy Services Ltd. bags contract for consultancy services for carbon credit projects in Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut RRTS corridor

National Capital Region Transport Corporation Ltd. (NCRTC) has issued a Letter of Acceptance (LoA) to M/s EKI Energy Services Limited for Selection of consultant for validation, registration, verification, issuance and trading of carbon credit projects in Delhi – Ghaziabad – Meerut RRTS corridor of NCRTC.

  • Tender Reference Number: DM/GC/COR-OF/230
  • Name of Work: Selection of consultant for validation, registration, verification, issuance and trading of carbon credit projects in Delhi – Ghaziabad – Meerut RRTS corridor of NCRTC.
  • Contract Period: 03 Years

In September 2023, the NCRTC invited a tender for Tender Number: DM/GC/COR-OF/230

Scope Of Work:

  • Identification of projects and assessment of projects under suitable carbon credit mechanisms to claim credits. The consultant shall carry out detailed studies to assess the potential of existing and proposed projects for getting carbon credits under suitable framework/ mechanism.
  • Consultant shall also recommend measures/ strategies to be undertaken for future projects so that maximum revenue can be generated at this front.

Completion period:

3 Years (further extendable for a period of another 3 Years, based on satisfactory performance and mutual agreement between NCRTC and the Consultant).


  • The scope of work may cover one or more eligible projects from the following stream:
    • Modal Shift
    • Regenerative Braking System
    • Renewable Energy (Solar)
    • Energy efficiency measures 
  • Other eligible projects/any new eligible carbon credit project that gets conceptualised post registration of first LOA project, an additional work order may be released to the consultant on the same financial terms for registering the projects in the eligible GHG mitigation program.

Preparation of project idea note/project concept note:

  • The Consultant will hold discussions and attend the meeting with senior officers of NCRTC  with the objective of understanding the project, collecting necessary data and completing the basic documents of the project.
  • The Consultant will undertake at least one site visit to understand the project and collect all relevant information. The consultant will then prepare a detailed guidance note on how the project can be taken up as a Carbon Credit project activity.
  • The consultant should assess the applicability of approved GHG mitigation program methodology and indicate whether development of new methodology is required.
  • Further a macro level estimate of GHG emission reduction per year must be provided by the consultant along with the basis of the calculations undertaken. Subsequently, the consultant  will assess the feasibility of the project as a potential GHG program and submit a report to  NCRTC.

Preparation of Project Design Document (PDD):

  • The Consultant shall prepare the Project Design Document (PDD) as per the approved PDD  format of the suitable framework(s). In case of any new methodologies (baseline or monitoring and verification) which do not fall under the approved categories of the  selected framework(s), consultants shall take up and obtain approval for the same.
  • The baseline of the Project will be determined, and verification and monitoring methodology  shall be developed in accordance with the provisions of the Kyoto Protocol. The consultant  shall also advise and provide necessary assistance in obtaining any statutory approvals and  permits in this regard.
  • NCRTC shall provide to consultants necessary available technical information/data/site/  personnel access required for preparation of the PDD. The consultant shall perform a comprehensive evaluation on the Project Additionality as per guideline.
  • It may be noted that the Government of India, being the host country for the project activity, may have certain supplementary Additionality requirements in order to approve the project for certified emission reductions. Consultant shall be required to consider this matter while preparing the documents.
  • To ensure that the Additionality scenario sustains the stringent evaluation criteria of any relevant authority of the country, the collected data shall be analyzed using tested methodologies). The Project Additionality along with the Monitoring Plan determines whether a project will successfully deliver emission reductions.

Monitoring and Verification protocol:

Monitoring and Verification (M&V) protocol would be developed as per requirement of the respective eligible Green House Gases (GHG) mitigation program. This should be in line with present practice of NCRTC, Consultant would inform about additional efforts required by NCRTC to meet the monitoring requirements for the carbon credit projects.

Assistance during Validation of the project:

  • The consultant shall submit the PDD to the validator for the validation of the project. Consultant shall undertake a visit to the site at least 3 working days before the validation visit by the Designated Operational Entity (DOE) to see the preparedness and assist project executives in the preparations.
  • He/ She shall also see the monitoring arrangements at the site. Consultant shall provide answers to the questions/clarifications raised by the validator on various occasions for successful validation of the project.
  • Assistance during registration of the project in the eligible GHG mitigation program. The consultant shall assist NCRTC in getting the Project(s) registered with an eligible GHG  mitigation program/ framework.
  • The consultant shall provide all necessary information/guidance/ assistance in this regard and the consultant shall be responsible to provide all documentation required for registration of the project. Most metro projects globally are registered under Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).
  • There are number of registries where a carbon credit project can be registered, which inter alia include:
    • Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Verra
    • Gold Standard
    • Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
    • Global Carbon Council (GCC)
    • American Carbon Registry (ACR)
    • Any other voluntary mechanism in India and overseas.

Revenue sharing model:

  • The Consultant will execute this Contract as per Revenue sharing model of the Gross Revenue Realised by NCRTC. The Consultant shall first bring offers/ deals to NCRTC before initiating trading. Post approval from NCRTC, the Consultant can initiate Carbon Credits Trading.
  • The Scope of Work consists of Carbon Credits Trading from inception till revenue realization to NCRTC. All end to end details of carbon credits trading shall be shared with NCRTC.
  • The Floor Price of the Carbon Credits Trading will be 2 US Dollars ($) or more per Carbon Credit and Consultant shall be eligible for trading of Carbon Credits having price of 2 US Dollar ($) & above after intimation to NCRTC.
  • In case the consultant fails to get the floor price of 2 US Dollar ($) per carbon credit, NCRTC shall have the right to forfeit 10% of Performance Security of the consultant on every trading.
  • Upon successful generation/issuance of Carbon Credits, Consultant shall bring all offers/proposals to NCRTC for revenue realization.
  • If any circular/order is issued by Government of India/UN/international body, debarring trading of Carbon Credits then the Contract shall stand Null & Void.
  • Any balance Carbon Credits post expiry of Contract Period (3 Years) shall be the sole property of NCRTC.
  • In case the value of carbon credit crosses 5 US dollars ($)/carbon credit, there will be a deduction of 10% on every additional dollar subject to a maximum of 50%.

Requirement of Team Leader:

Minimum Team Leader experience required for this contract:

  • Successfully completed or ongoing work for a continuous period of at least 24 months in the  following.
  • Team Leader must have three years minimum relevant experience in similar nature of work  (as per clause 2.4.1 of EQC) and having qualification of either Masters/Postgraduate in Engineering/Science.
  • Consultant is required to submit a detailed CV of the Team Leader as per the format enclosed at Bidding Form. The copies of self-attested degree certificates must be enclosed with the CV.
  • The Team Leader is also required preferably to submit a service certificate issued by the Employer to substantiate the fulfilment of work experience otherwise the declaration by the Team Leader is to be submitted by the Bidder.
  • It is further mandated to the Consultant to seek approval from the Client on the Team  Leader before onboarding them.
  • Substitution of Team Leader, if required, will be applicable only when he is substituted by an equally or better person/expert than the replaced Team leader with the approval of Employer.
  • A Penalty of amount equal to 1% of the Performance security value per month shall be imposed on pro rata basis subject to maximum of 10% of Performance Security for non-deployment of Team leader.
  • In case of absence of Team leader during any scheduled meeting for any non-justifiable reasons to the satisfaction of NCRTC, a penalty of 5% of the performance security per meeting shall be made subject to maximum of 50% of Performance Security.

Source: NCRTC- Tender Update | Image Credit (representational): NCRTC

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