New MD of MPMRCL, Shri Sibi Chakkravarthy M., conducts comprehensive inspection of Indore Metro Rail Priority Corridor

In a significant move following his appointment, Shri Sibi Chakkravarthy M., the newly appointed Managing Director of Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MPMRCL), conducted a thorough Site Inspection and Review Meeting of the Indore Metro  Rail Priority Corridor.

Image Credit: Indore Metro

More Details:

Shri Sibi Chakkravarthy M, Managing Director of Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (IAS), led a comprehensive site inspection of the Indore Metro Rail Priority Corridor. The visit aimed to assess the progress of the project and address any pertinent issues. Following the site inspection, a review meeting was convened to evaluate the status of the ongoing construction and to strategize further steps.

Image Credit: Indore Metro

During Inspection:

  • During the site inspection, Shri Chakkravarthy commenced by visiting the Metro depot situated in Gandhinagar.
  • He diligently assessed various aspects of the depot’s construction, including the inspection bay, administrative building, repair bay line, and transmission system, seeking updated information and issuing necessary instructions to ensure timely completion.

Image Credit: Indore Metro
  • Subsequently, the Managing Director proceeded to inspect several metro stations along the corridor.
  • Notable stations visited included Gandhi Nagar Station, SC-6, SC-5, SC-4, and SC-3, where he closely monitored the construction progress and provided directives to concerned officials to expedite the work to meet the project timelines.
  • Following the site inspection, a comprehensive review meeting was convened at the Indore Metro office.
  • The meeting provided a platform to gauge the progress of construction activities undertaken thus far, discuss upcoming initiatives, and deliberate on strategies aimed at achieving project milestones.
  • It was emphasised that the regular monitoring of project progress would be conducted at both the Managing Director and Director levels to ensure timely execution.

Image Credit: Indore Metro

Key Officials Present:

The inspection and review meeting were attended by key officials including Shri Ajay Sharma (Director Project), Shri Shobhit Tandon (Director System), Shri Ajay Kumar (General Manager- Civil), Shri Manish Gangarekar (General Manager-Rolling Stock), alongside senior officers from MPMRCL, as well as representatives from the  General Consultant and contractors.


This proactive approach by the new MD signals a commitment to advancing the Indore Metro Rail project and ensuring its timely completion for the benefit of the region’s commuters.

Source: Indore Metro- Press Release | Featured Image Credit (representational): Indore Metro