NHSRCL to install wind speed monitoring system for the Bullet Train project

The National High-Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL) is set to enhance the safety measures for the Mumbai – Ahmedabad Bullet Train project by installing a wind speed monitoring system. This system aims to mitigate the potential impact of strong coastal winds on train operations, especially when traversing the viaduct sections of the corridor.

More Details:

To address this concern, 14 locations (9 in Gujarat and 5 in Maharashtra) have been identified for the installation of Anemometers on the viaduct. These devices will specifically monitor wind speed, focusing on river bridges and areas prone to gusts (sudden & strong wind).

Image Credit: NHSRCL

An Anemometer is a type of Disaster Prevention System designed to provide real-time wind speed data within the range of 0-252 Kmph, spanning 0 to 360 degrees. If wind speeds range from 72 Kmph to 130 Kmph, train speeds will be adjusted accordingly. The Operation Control Centre (OCC) will monitor wind speeds through the Anemometers installed at various locations.

Locations where these Wind Monitoring System to be Installed:

Sr. No. Location State
1 Desai Khadi Maharashtra
2 Ulhas River Maharashtra
3 Bangala Pada Maharashtra
4 Vaitarna River Maharashtra
5 In Dahanu suburb Maharashtra
6 Daman Ganga river Gujarat
7 Par River Gujarat
8 In Navsari suburb Gujarat
9 Tapi River Gujarat
10 Narmada river Gujarat
11 In mid-section of Bharuch-Vadodara Gujarat
12 Mahi River Gujarat
13 Bareja Gujarat
14 Sabarmati River Gujarat

What is MAHSR Project:

  • Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Rail (MAHSR) Project is 508 Km long first High- Speed Rail (HSR) network planned to be constructed in India.
  • Out of 508Km, 352 Km lies in the State of Gujarat (348 Km) and Dadra & Nagar Haveli (4Km) and the balance 156 Km lies in the State of Maharashtra.

Image Credit (representational): MoR
  • The Construction Work is in progress in both Gujarat and Dadra & Nagar Haveli where 98% and 100% land has been acquired respectively.
  • In Gujarat, High Speed Rail alignment passes through eight districts i.e. Valsad, Navsari, Surat, Bharuch, Vadodara, Anand, Kheda and Ahmedabad and work is in progress in all the eight districts.
  • In Maharashtra land acquisition done so far is 40%.
  • The project will entail an investment of 72,000 Crs in the state of Gujarat in both Land & construction.
  • So far an expenditure of 14,200 Crs has been done.
  • The project will generate direct & indirect employment of 60,000 in Gujarat state.


By equipping the Mumbai-Ahmedabad corridor with advanced Anemometers at key locations, NHSRCL is prioritising safety and reliability. This strategic deployment underscores the project’s dedication to technological innovation and disaster prevention, ensuring a secure and efficient service for India’s first high-speed rail network.

Source: NHSRCL – Press Release | Featured Image Credit (representational): NHSRCL

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