Northeast Frontier Railway commissions automatic block signalling system between Dumdangi-Mangurjan section of Katihar Division

Northeast Frontier Railway has successfully commissioned its second Automatic Block Signalling System at Dumdangi-Tinmile Hat-Mangurjan section under Katihar Division, replacing the existing Panel Interlocking System.

More Details:

  • The section that is introduced with the automatic signalling system covers a track area of 15 kilometres thus making a 56 kilometre section from Ambari Falakata via New Jalpaiguri yard with this upgraded provision.
  • The Automatic Block Signalling System helps in controlling and operating the movements of trains automatically thus improving the transportation efficiency and ensures the faster operations of trains within the area where the system is installed. The Automatic Signalling System thus increases the line capacity to a great extent as more trains can be operated in the same section.
  • The section of Dumdangi-Tinmile Hat-Mangurjan is facilitated with a provision of 03 Auto HUT along with 98 numbers of Multi Section Digital Axle Counter with Supervisor Track Section Resetting. Also, provision of 17 numbers four aspects auto signals provided to automatically operate the passage of trains while entry and exit within the automatic signalling section.
  • The Electronic Interlocking System that is implemented in this section of N.F. Railway consists of logic technology in each Auto HUT with a Hot standby system. This system in turn will also have provision of Fail-Safe-Interface of data using Universal-Fail-Safe-Block-Interface from Auto Hut.
  • Mini Integrated Power Supply system of 200 AH battery bank is installed for uninterrupted power supply in HUTs. Provision of NV MUX has also been made for non-vital interface between Auto HUTs and adjacent stations with stand by Video Display Unit.
  • Along with all other provisions, interlocking of 08 numbers of Level Crossing gates with automatic signals and approach warning system has been installed in the section.
  • The Automatic Signalling System is already functioning successfully in heavy traffic sections of Indian Railways with better safety and efficiency. N.F. Railway has plans to upgrade the existing signalling system with this new upgraded Automatic Block Signalling System for facilitating operations of more trains in congested sections.

Source: Northeast Frontier Railway- Press Release | Image Credit (representational): MoR