Okaya Power bags contract for supply of Boat chargers and Transformer at Vytilla Terminal for Kochi Water Metro project

M/s Okaya Power Pvt. Ltd has bagged a contract from Kochi Metro Rail Ltd. (KMRL) for Design, build, supply, delivery, installation, testing and commissioning of 2 Nos of (EVSE) Boat chargers and 1 Nos of Transformer at Vytilla Terminal for Kochi Water Metro Project.

  • Tender Reference Number: KMRL/PROC/2020-21/052
  • Awarded Value: INR 47.50 Lakh
  • Work Completion Period (in days): 30

In December last year, the KMRL had invited online tender for the Package No.: KMRL/PROC/2020-21/052.

Tender Details:

According to the tender document, the scope includes design, build, supply, delivery, installation, testing, commissioning of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) including related Electrical Infrastructure at Vytilla water metro terminal.

  • The design and construction must satisfy the requirements of this document and any other documents referenced or otherwise specified by the Employer, and in addition to the standards which would be reasonably expected as mentioned in Technical Specifications. 
  • All labour, equipment and material are to be provided by the contractor to complete the works as described in the tender.
  • The Contractor shall closely work with other contractors for all interface requirements. 
  • The Contractor shall construct and then remove from site any temporary works required and ensure that the site is clear of debris and used material, on completion of the works.
  • The Contractor is required to maintain a neat and tidy workplace at each location, throughout the construction period and ensure that all health and safety requirements are met including all safe access to and from the work site.

Scope of Works & Employer’s Requirement:

The scope of work of Contractor shall include comprehensive Design, Build, Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing, Commissioning, statutory approvals, Warranty of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) including related Electrical Infrastructure commencing from the outgoing terminal of the 11kV Switch Board.

  • Design, Build, supply, delivery, installation, testing commissioning of all the items in between the 11kV switch Board outgoing terminal to charging socket which are required for charging the Boat as per the Employer requirements complete in all manner shall be in the scope of the Contractor.
  • The final price quoted by the bidder shall cover all the items including the items which are not specifically mentioned in the document but are required to make the charging system complete in all manner. 
  • No extra payment will be paid for any additional item or replacement of any item during the tenure of contract and warranty.

Design Works:

The Contractor shall conduct site visits in order to get familiar with the project area/Terminal locations, cable route planning, equipment location planning etc.

  • The Contractor shall /examine the relevant drawings/Technical specification/layout and conduct site visit on various terminals and prepare the design basis document which includes design criteria’s / drawings including the general arrangement drawing of EVSE and related Electrical infrastructures incorporated in the layout plan of the terminal shall be submitted by contractor for Employer’s approval.
  • The Contractor shall design and provide all necessary specifications for the Works in accordance with the Works Requirements. 
  • The design detail, plan, drawing, specifications, calculations, notes and information required shall be provided in such sufficient formats, details, extent, size and scale and within such time as may be required to ensure effective execution of Works and/or as otherwise required by the Employer.
  • The good for construction (GFC) drawings shall be prepared for approval of the Employer. 
  • The Contractor shall submit the weight and dimension details of the EVSE, Transformer, LT Panel etc.

Source: KMRL-Tender update | Image Credit (representational): KMRL