Patna Metro Accelerates Phase-1 MRTS Project with Tender Invitation for Underground Metro Stations and Twin Tunnel Construction

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited (DMRC), acting on behalf of Patna Metro, has announced a significant milestone in the Patna Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) Project. The tender for the “Design & Construction of Twin Tunnel, Underground Ramp, and Underground Metro Stations” in Phase-1 has been officially invited.

Brief about Tender Submission:

Name of Work: Design & Construction of Twin Tunnel by Shield TBM, Tunnel by Cut & Cover, Underground Ramp at Mithapur and Three Underground Metro Stations Viz. Vikas Bhawan, Vidyut Bhawan & Patna Station Including Architectural Finishing, Water Supply, Sanitary Installation & Drainage Works of Stations on Danapur to Khemnichak Corridor-1 of Phase-1 of Patna MRTS Project.

Tender Reference Number PC-05
EMD (in Rs.) 16,83,00,000/-
Contract Period 42 Months
Document Download/Sale Start Date 27 Dec, 2023
Bid Submission Start Date 06th Feb, 2024
Bid Submission End Date 27th Feb, 2024
Pre Bid Meeting Date 12th Jan, 2024
Bid Opening Date 28th Feb, 2024

General Information:

This is a Patna Metro Rail Corporation (PMRC) JICA funded work. As per MOU signed between DMRC and PMRC, this work is being executed by DMRC on deposit work basis wherein there is provision of closure of contracts and taking over. Accordingly, Bidder shall ensure due closure of this contract for execution of works with DMRC.

Bidders shall ensure that all risks, rewards and claims associated with this contract are settled before closure of this contract. Bidder to note above while submitting a bid with DMRC. However, if this closure is not possible within one year of Revenue Operation Date (ROD) due to Arbitration etc., the further management of the contract will be handled by PMRC.

Further, the contractor shall ensure, indemnify and hold harmless the DMRC and PMRC and its officers for any loss or damage sustained by it on account of any fault or any negligence in the designing, execution if any untoward incident occurred for these reasons within 5 years of ROD.

Scope of Works:

Design and Construction of Twin Tunnels by Shield TBM between chainage 8092.72 to chainage 13640.06 (excluding underground station, cut & cover and UG ramp) in all types of Soil /every type of rock Strata, as shown in tender drawings, including sumps and cross passages (as per latest NBC requirement) along with supply and installation of fire doors (as per latest NFPA requirement) as required. This will however not include the tunnel length described in clause 2.1 (iii) of scope of work which is to be constructed by method other than TBM. Further, in case the TBM is to be bored through/ dragged through any station, the same shall be considered under the lump sum scope of station only & nothing shall be payable. 

Design and construction of all 3 underground stations viz Vikas Bhawan, Vidyut Bhawan and Patna Station (D-Walls, Roof Level Slab, Concourse Level Slab, Corridor-2 Undercroft Level Slab and Corridor-1 Undercroft Level Slab only from Corridor 2 Chainage 315 to Chainage 345, i.e., 30 m of common retrieval shaft will be constructed by PC-03 contractor and remaining construction of this 30 m including demolition of temporary D-Wall for integration of retrieval shaft with Patna station will be in the scope of PC-05 contractor) by Cut and Cover method along with entry/ exit structures (except one Entry-Exit at Vidyut Bhawan Metro Station as shown in the tender drawings) and associated structures such as ancillary buildings (except Ancillary Building of Vidyut Bhawan Metro Station), Utilities galleries, AC plant room, ASS rooms, TVF rooms, system rooms and all other rooms, shafts, pump houses, water tanks, diesel generator set room or enclosure etc. as shown in tender drawings provide with the bid documents and subway by method other than Cut & Cover at specified location as shown in latest Tender Drawings.

  • Design and construction of twin tunnel box by method other than TBM after Patna station (approx. between Chainage 13363 and Chainage 13495), in soil/rock strata, as shown in the tender drawings including sumps.
  • Design and construction of tunnels by using the detailed construction methodology and sequencing specified by PC-03 contractor near Patna station (for the length/influence zone in which tunnel of corridor-1 is lying below the tunnel of corridor -2) in soil/rock strata, as shown in the tender drawings including sumps.
  • Design and Construction of underground ramp (length 146 m) as shown in tender drawings including design and construction of drainage systems and sumps (sufficient to hold water influx from the elevated viaduct/ramp side and ensure proper drainage system) along with the modification in road geometry from Chainage 13494.28 to Chainage 13640.06 (For both UP & DN) to accommodate the ramp in the median, so as to maintain the original width of the road.
  • Providing & fixing of security grills with MS frame on the underground ramp as per the details shown in tender drawings. The design and construction of sump so as to ensure proper and sufficient drainage system is also in the lump sum scope of contract.
  • Design and construction of suitable drainage arrangement systems throughout the contract alignment so as to ensure proper gravity flow of water from all points (including those with zero slope) into the nearest sumps.

Design and Construction of all temporary works associated with construction of the Works including temporary steel decking over cut and cover structures under roadways to allow uninterrupted flow of traffic. Construction and maintenance of temporary diversion roads and Services for traffic diversion as required. The preparation of an appropriate traffic diversion scheme for the work and its approval from the respective authorities/agencies shall be in the scope of the contractor.

The contractor shall be responsible for planning/altering his construction methodology, construction sequences, etc., (with DMRC approval) in view of the permissions accorded by the road owning agencies/traffic authorities. Diversion of chartered utilities and supports of chartered/uncharted as well as maintenance of unchartered utilities during construction including maintenance and annual desilting of diverted/supported chartered utilities.

Besides utilities indicated in the tender drawings, all at ground/above ground utilities encountered at the work sites along with their underground/at ground/above ground extension such as cables, pipes, transformers, man holes etc. shall also be deemed as chartered utility. The maintenance of diverted/supported charted/uncharted utilities shall be from the start of construction till handing over it to the concerned utility owning agency (ies) or till the period as conveyed by the respective owning agency (ies) in its terms and condition, whichever is later.

  • Waterproofing of all underground structures and roof of above ground structure as mentioned in Section S-12 of Outline Construction Specifications for Patna Metro Civil Works and finishing of water tanks with ceramic tile.
  • Construction of two deep tube-wells of 24000 LPH yield for each station including submersible pumps of required capacity, electrical cable up to main control panel, GI pipe line, including connecting them to main water supply underground tank.
  • Design and Construction of tunnel (TBM Tunnel as well as Cut & Cover tunnel) drainage system including fixing of heavy-duty sump riser pipe of required size (min 80 mm dia.) and main drainage pipe (min 100 mm dia.) up to the drainage system of next/previous station in the alignment. Alignment to be checked with respect to Drawings.
  • Design & construction of Compound/boundary wall including their foundation, column, tie beams, plinth beams, concertina coil & MS supporting arrangement, etc., as shown in the tender drawing. All MS structures to be painted with Epoxy paint.
  • Making provision in structures for fire detection & suppression system and all other building services including niches/cutouts which also includes niches in roof slabs in cut & cover for designated system wide contractors.
  • Making provision for accommodating the requirements for LV & MV supply routes and cable galleries / cables ways at the station and in the tunnel for system wide contractors.
  • Supply, delivery, installation, functional testing and handover of earth mat as per the requirement of a system wide contractor.
  • Installation of embedded pipes as per the requirement of system contractors. However, pipes either be issued by DMRC or by other system contractor(s) free of cost.
  • Supply, installation & testing of all pipes for water, sewage and drainage works as per requirement including their connection from sump/pump to existing civic drainage/sewage point.
  • All sump pits shall be covered with proper RCC slab/heavy duty G.I. gratings. Drains at Ancillary building shall be covered with proper heavy duty G.I. gratings.
  • Providing and Fixing of Steel Walkway including ladder/stairs/ramp in bored Tunnel as well as in cut & cover box Tunnels and Underground ramp (UP Line & DN-Line) as per tender drawing.
  • Width of the walkway in the underground portion,  should be minimum of 600mm but should not be extended to the structural gauge with bare minimum construction clearance say-10/+0mm.
  • Extension of walkway to structural gauge will involve change of parapet design. The surface of the walkway shall be with chequered plate without grating. Design strength of the walkway should be minimum 500 Kg/sqm.
  • Providing and fixing of MS railing (including epoxy painting) on tunnels (TBM Tunnel, Cut & Cover & Underground Ramp) walls sides for hand support. Wherever there is an interchange in the walkway side i.e., from the left hand side of the train movement direction to the central portion of the tunnel, ramp to rail level to be provided with a grade of 1 in 15.

Providing & fixing of G.I. ladders at both sides of each cross passage, junction of Cut & Cover & underground ramp at both UP-Line & DN-Line for access to track from the walkway. Providing and fixing MS track access stair at station starting & end locations at both UP-Line & DN-Line for access to track from walkway/platform.

Survey, instrumentation, ground treatment, ground and building monitoring, risk analysis, settlement prediction, preventive and corrective actions using modern state of the art surveying methods including 24*7 (24 hours, 7 days a week) real time monitoring wherever required as per approved methodology/drawings.

This would also include mandatory implementation of real time Bore Tunnelling Electrical Ahead Monitoring (BEAM) system while tunnelling.  The following work is to be designed, supplied, installed and commissioned by other designated contractors with whom the Contractor shall coordinate all interface requirements at design stage and during his construction and integrated testing activities.

However, making provisions for all these services including all civil works construction, shafts, niches, Lift shaft, escalator pit, inserts, bolts, Anchors, sleeves, flanges lifting hooks, brackets, shear connector to track,  openings / cut outs, sealing of cutouts, providing as shown in tender drawing shall be in the scope of present contract.


Minimum average annual turnover of INR 7.21 Billion, calculated as total certified payments received for Contracts in progress and/or completed, within the last 05(i) years.

Work Experience:

A minimum number of similar (ii) contracts that have been satisfactorily and substantially (iii) completed as a prime contractor (single entity or JV member)(iv) between 1st January 2013 and the Bid submission deadline as follows:

  • At least one “similar work” of value of INR 11.78 Billion or more, or
  • Two “similar works” each of value of INR 6.73 Billion or more, or
  • Three “similar works” each of value of INR 5.05 Billion or more

The “Similar works” for this contract shall be “Tunnelling work in urban environment by Shield TBM with finished internal dia of minimum 5.0 mtr, along with or without underground station(s) (which may include architectural finishing)”.

This endeavour aligns with the broader vision of enhancing public transportation and fostering sustainable urban development in the region. 

Stay tuned for further updates as the project progresses towards reshaping Patna’s transportation landscape.

Tender document can only be obtained after registration of tenderer on the website

Source: DMRC- Tender