Patna Metro ensures safety, cleanliness and maintenance during works at all construction sites

 Patna Metro work is going on in full swing at all the construction sites of the project. It is the commitment of DMRC to build within the stipulated time frame without compromising on safety, for which every effort is being made by Patna Metro.

More Details:

A work culture is adopted in Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) where before starting any construction work an alternate option is given after which only construction work commences. So that there is no inconvenience to the people around the site.

The same work culture is being adopted at all the under-construction sites of Patna Metro Rail Project. Under which:

  • A dedicated team has been deployed for daily cleaning in and around each construction site of the Metro.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of dust that accumulates on and below the barricading board is done continuously.
  • The wheels of the vehicles coming in and out of the site are permitted to leave the site only after cleaning is done using wheel wash technology. This is done to ensure that the dust stuck on the wheels does not pollute the road and cause problems to the people.
  • Hywa is covered with tarpaulin so that dust particles and soil do not spread in the environment.
  • During construction, mist cannons are used to prevent dust from spreading in the air and pollution in and around the site.

Apart from cleaning the site and its surroundings, maintenance and widening of the road is also done regularly by Metro:

  • To ensure that traffic is not disrupted due to diversion on NH-30 and people do not face any problem, NH-30 road was widened before starting the metro work and after that traffic diversion was done there. NH-30 connects Patna to areas like Sampatchak, Ram Krishna Nagar etc.
  • Before starting the work of Rajendra Nagar Metro Station and diverting traffic on Kankarbagh Main Road, diversion was first done by building a road inside the area of Rajendra Nagar Station.
  • Similarly, at other metro stations like PMCH, Gandhi Maidan etc., before starting construction work and diversion, alternative arrangements were made and diversion was done.

It is to be noted that construction is also being done by various agencies around the under-construction sites of the metro for the development of the city.

If there is any damage to the road or water logging etc. during construction, which is done by any other agency, it is also repaired immediately by the Metro so that the people of the area do not have to face any inconvenience in commuting.

Full cooperation is being received from the District Administration, Municipal Corporation, Road Construction Department and other departments of Bihar Government.

Source: Patna Metro- Press Release