Patna Metro invites tender for Underground Metro Stations and Twin Tunnel Construction for Phase-1 MRTS Project

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited (DMRC), acting on behalf of Patna Metro, has announced a significant milestone in the Patna Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) Project. The tender for the “Design & Construction of Twin Tunnel, Underground Ramp, and Underground Metro Stations” in Phase-1 has been officially invited.

Brief about Tender Submission:

Name of Work: Design & Construction of Twin Tunnels by Shield TBM, Tunnel by Cut & Cover, Underground Ramp at Rukanpura and Three Underground Metro Stations Viz. Rukanpura, Raja Bazar & Patna Zoo Including Architectural Finishing, Water Supply, Sanitary Installation & Drainage Works of Stations on Danapur to Khemnichak Corridor-1 of Phase-1 of Patna MRTS Project.

Tender Reference NumberPC-06
EMD (in Rs.)13,77,00,000/-
Contract Period42 Months
Document Download/Sale Start Date27th Dec, 2023
Bid Submission Start Date21st Feb, 2024
Bid Submission End Date28th Feb, 2024
Pre Bid Meeting Date15th Jan, 2024
Bid Opening Date29th Feb, 2024

Scope of Works:

Twin Tunnels:

  • Design and construction of twin tunnels by Shield TBM between chainage 3181.96 to chainage 8092.72 (excluding underground station, cut & cover and UG ramp ) in all types of soil /every type of rock strata, as shown in tender drawings, including sumps and cross passages (as per latest NBC requirement) along with supply and installation of fire doors (as per latest NFPA requirement) as required.
  • This will however not include the tunnel length described in clause 2.1 iii of scope of work which is to be constructed by method other than TBM. Further, in case the TBM is to be bored through/ dragged through any station, the same shall be considered under the lump sum scope of station only & nothing shall be payable.

Underground Stations:

Design and construction of all 3 underground stations viz Rukanpura, Raja Bazar and Patna Zoo by Cut and Cover method along with entry/ exit structures and associated structures such as ancillary buildings, Utilities galleries, AC plant room, ASS rooms, TVF rooms, system rooms and all other rooms, shafts, pump houses, water tanks, diesel generator set room or enclosure etc. as shown in tender drawings provide with the bid documents and subway by method other than Cut & Cover at specified location as shown in latest Tender Drawings.

Design and construction of twin tunnel box by method other than TBM before Rukanpura station (approx.. between Chainage 3326.9 and Chainage 3532.85), in soil/rock strata, as shown in the tender drawings including sumps.

Underground Ramp:

Design and construction of underground ramp (length 145m) as shown in tender drawings including design and construction of drainage systems and sumps (sufficient to hold water influx from the elevated viaduct/ramp side and ensure proper drainage system) along with the modification in road geometry from Chainage 3181.96 to Chainage 3326.9 (For both UP & DN) to accommodate the ramp in the median, so as to maintain the original width of the road.

  • Providing & fixing of security grills with MS frame on the underground ramp as per the details shown in tender drawings.
  • The design and construction of sump so as to ensure proper and sufficient drainage system is also in the lump sum scope of contract.
  • Design and construction of suitable drainage arrangement systems throughout the contract alignment so as to ensure proper gravity flow of water from all points (including those with zero slope) into the nearest sumps.


Minimum average annual turnover of INR 5.90 Billion, calculated as total certified payments received for contracts in progress and/or completed, within the last 05 (i) years.

General Experience:

A minimum number of similar(ii) contracts that have been satisfactorily and substantially(iii) completed as a prime contractor (single entity or JV member) (iv) between 1st January 2013 and the Bid submission deadline as follows:

  • At least one “similar work” of value of INR 9.64 Billion or more, or
  • Two “similar works” each of value of INR 5.51 Billion or more, or
  • Three “similar works” each of value of INR 4.13 Billion or more

The “Similar works” for this contract shall be “Tunnelling work in urban environment by Shield TBM with finished internal dia of minimum 5.0 mtr, along with or without underground station(s) (which may include architectural finishing)”.


The project can have a lasting impact on the country. It will enhance urban mobility, reduce traffic congestion, foster economic growth , and bring down the carbon footprint. It will help in improving the overall accessibility and connectivity of the urban dwellers. 

Tender document can only be obtained after registration of tenderer on the website

Source: DMRC- Tender