Patna Metro takes various initiatives towards its commitment to maintain cleanliness and sanitation at all under construction sites

In a dedicated effort to uphold cleanliness and sanitation standards Patna Metro Rail Project has launched a comprehensive initiative targeting all under-construction metro sites. A specialised team is now deployed at each construction site working diligently on a daily basis for maintaining cleanliness.

More Details:

The steps have been taken because it is a common practice that people paste posters and pamphlets on columns, boards, pillars and barricades, litter near barricades and spoil the barricades and warning signals by spitting on them. It’s not only deployment of huge resources in cleaning barricades and boards but dozens of labourers clean your spit daily.

Therefore, Patna Metro is appealing to all citizens to cooperate and help us keep the city clean which will not only result in keeping the city clean and beautiful but will also help us save huge amounts of water and better utilisation of human resources. It is, therefore, requested not to spit on columns, boards, barricades and pillars and make others also aware of this.

Problems faced due to these activities:

  • In addition to human resources, several gallons of water go to waste cleaning them.
  • About 64000 litres of water is used in a month to clean the barricades and boards installed by the Patna Metro, which means about 2000 litres of water goes waste everyday in their cleaning.

  • Being sensitive towards the environment, DMRC uses 40 percent recycled water for this purpose in order to save on fresh water.
  • Spitting on these columns, boards, pillars and barricades results in hiding of the warning signals which makes the movement of commuters dangerous and the purpose of these warnings are also defeated, which can cause a major accident sometime.
  • These things are done in the interest of the common public but they people are not sensitive towards these.
  • Patna Metro Rail Project is committed to change the face of the city in addition to bringing a revolutionary change in local transport in the city.

Keeping the city and environment clean has always been the priority of the Patna Metro Project. Efforts are being made to clean the dust on barricades and underneath so as to prevent the spreading of dust and litter on the road. As responsible citizens of this city it is our duty we come forward and take proactive measures by following the fundamental principles of cleanliness, and help the Patna Metro Project to keep the construction sites clean in order to save the human resources.

Source: Patna Metro- Press Release | Images Credit: Patna Metro

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