Product Expertise by Fronius India Pvt. Ltd. : High-tech helps keep rail industry on the right track

The key concerns in rail car manufacturing are precise welds and seamless tracking of all production stages, as any tiny inaccuracy can have catastrophic effects. We provide powerful welding solutions to locomotive, train, and wagon manufacturers. They not only produce exceptional results, but they also allow for extensive data management when combined with the unique WeldCube software.

Whether using a manually controlled system or automated high-performance welding, each individual weld may be traced down to the last detail. Whether using a manually controlled system or automated high-performance welding, each individual weld may be traced down to the last detail.

High standards for flexible welding technology Rail vehicle manufacture uses a wide range of materials, from aluminium to ferritic steels and high-strength special alloys. Welding is an essential and vital aspect of the process in which the components and geometries are constantly shifting thus and need to use adaptive welding technology. Around 90% of the welds are human, with the rest being automated – primarily for meters-long longitudinal seams.

Process data immediately every time Here at Fronius, we have a range of solutions for recording and analyzing relevant process data. We offer our own welding data management software, WeldCube. Welders can record, analyze, and visualize a wide range of data, like current, voltage, wire speed, welding speed and welding time, arc-and dynamic correction, or job numbers. This helps optimize processes by detecting errors and rectifying them at an early stage. Another advantage is the seamless traceability of welding operations—weld by weld and component by component.

The WeldCube is mainly used with our TPS/i series. These welding systems have a modular design, can be adapted to individual requirements, and boast impressive network ability and comprehensive communication functions. Our TransSteel series, which was developed specially for welding steel, is also popular.

These systems impress with their sturdy construction, intelligent design, and easy operation. They have adapted welding characteristics, which ensure precise ignition behavior and perfect deposition behavior, for example.

Faster welding with tandem technology We also offer solutions for automated high-performance welding which boast outstanding quality and performance, such as the innovative TPS/i TWIN Tandem welding systems.

Here two TPS/i systems with precisely synchronized arcs produce one weld pool between them. In doing so, tandem welding promotes process stability.

The deposition rate and welding speeds are high, while the welds are visually flawless. The tandem welding process comes into its own when welding thick sheet metal, in particular.

Our customers really reap the benefits when combining it with PMC (Pulse Multi Control), a further development of the pulsed arc. This function creates a powerful, stable arc when welding. Innovative stabilizers keep the arc length and penetration constant.

The droplet detachment is precisely regulated and low spatter. Even in out-of-position welding, PMC offers high deposition rates and good controllability of the weld pool at the same time. Imperfections, such as undercuts, are avoided.

FlexTrack 45 Pro welding carriage:

The flexible rail guided FlexTrack 45 Pro welding carriage is mainly used to weld floor and roof components. The product range includes a user-friendly remote control, an ACC unit for automatic adjustment of the distance of the welding torch to the workpiece, linear and radial oscillations for butt and fillet welds, as well as mechanical seam scanning.

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