Product Expertise: Impact Safety Glass today is at the thresh-hold of being a Global leader in Glass Processing

IMPACT SAFETY GLASS is working with the best of International Train manufacturers and is completely geared to serve the expansion of Global market. This is to support MAKE IN INDIA Initiative. Our Prestigious Customers are ALSTOM, ICF, DMRC, BEML and Bombardier.

“Create Future Trends in Increasing the Consumption of the Beautiful Product “GLASS”

IMPACT SAFETY GLASS has launched the prestigious delivery of glasses for the first Nose cone of Vande Bharat semi-­high speed trains (originally called Train 18) on 27.06.2022.

We have Technical tie­ups with Global Leaders and our Manufacturing processes are in accordance to their standards to offer our Customer’s International Quality and Service. Our products offer tighter specifications for optics, shape and noise control etc., We work closely with stylists and Engineers in the very earliest stage of new vehicle Development.

Mr. Vikram Dutt – Technical Director of IMPACT SAFETY GLASS with his endeavor has developed the Nose cone Glasses of Vande Bharat Train(Train 18) as per International Railways Technical Standards. As earlier this product was imported, now it is developed in India for the first time. It is a example of Atmanirbhar Bharat”

World is increasingly looking at modern HiSpeed trains, Metro, MonoRail and Locomotives as options for an Ecofriendly mode of transport that is quick as we well as it helps decongest the Road networks within large cities as well as the highways.

IMPACT SAFETY GLASS committed to be a global leader in the processing of Glasses to offer our Customers value added services at globally competitive prices and grow the market exponentially.

Impact Safety Glass Works Pvt. Ltd.

We have supplied Front Cone Glass of RS 8 Project through BEML,We are supplying our product to all the Rail Corporations, Metros (Rolling Stock), and E­LOCO . We have developed the Glasses in our R&D Centre and tests are done in the concerned Laboratory as per Railways International Standards. The tests consists of Projectile Test, Impact Resistance Test, High Stability, Humidity Test, High Temperature , U­ Value Test and Acoustic Test etc.

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