Product Expertise: Innovating Solutions for Vibrant Railway Industry

Founded in 1993, The Virgo Group is one of the leading manufacturer companies of India having technical merriment rooted at the very zenith of its working hierarchy. Our diverse business interests include a superior range of Laminates, Plywood, Aluminium, ACP, PVC and Pharma products.

The Virgo group is spread over 10+ manufacturing units, 30+ domestic branches and 4 international branches. We have a strong dealer/distributor channel having 10000+ nodes.


We have six different segments of products available with us. Two of them are the direct contributor to the Railway industry directly and indirectly.

  • Virgo Aluminium
  • Virgo ACP (Aluminium Composite Panel)

“The rapidly growing global rail industry needs trains that can travel faster and carry more passengers and freight. This has led to rapid rise in demand of alternate materials that perform better and are much lighter than traditional ones, while ensuring passenger safety and comfort.”

Virgo Aluminium:

With its inception in 2010, Virgo Aluminium Limited is a strong part of Virgo Group with experience of more than a decade. Since its inception Virgo Aluminium has grown multifold and is a leader in the domestic market along with being a big exporter of Aluminum Roll and Coils products.

Virgo Aluminium is used in various ways in Indian Railway. Starting from construction of coaches to chequered flooring; we have a wide application for the industry.

Virgo ACP (Aluminium Composite Panel):

Virgo ACP founded in 2017 is the result of forward integration of our Aluminium Business entering in the decorative segment. In the small time the Virgo ACP has made its own presence in the local market as well as exporting to other countries.

FR Grade (A2 Class, B Class) ACP is a best suitable product for making coaches partitions. It is made of 90% mineral core which gives full fire safety as it ensures negligible smoke, low fire spreadness and almost zero droplets.

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