Product Expertise: Mobile LiDAR Survey & GIS mapping for Railway projects in India

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India has witnessed tremendous technological developments and advancements in the field of ‘Land Surveying, Mapping & GIS’ in the recent few years. Survey grade Mobile LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) technology has proven to be one of the most advanced and reliable technology for the Topographic Survey of single / double / multiple tracks Railway projects throughout India.

“Prashant Advanced Survey LLP”, an ISO 9001 : 2015 certified, MSME & DIPP registered Pune based firm is India’s Leading advanced ‘Land Surveying, Mapping & GIS’ company with more than 30 years of experience. It is the 1st Land Surveying company in India to procure 2 numbers of ‘Leica Pegasus Two’ Mobile LiDAR Systems from the year 2015. The company has successfully completed more than 17,000 Km of Highway surveys and 2,500 route Km single and double track Railway Topographic surveys all over India, using the Mobile LiDAR Technology.

Leica Pegasus Two LiDAR system mounted on Tower Wagon

The founder & CTO, Mr. Shivanand Alatgi, (Retd. form Survey of India), is having 48+ years of hardcore experience in the field of Land Surveying & Mapping, assisted with Technical consultants and advisers retired from Survey of India with 40+ years of experience.

Designated Partner, Mr. Prashant S. Alatgi, (Ph.D. Research Scholar, MIT – WPU, Pune, India; M.E., Civil, C&M, 1st Rank MIT, 2nd Rank, University of Pune, India), is having 22+ years of experience in advanced Land Survey, Mapping & Geospatial Solution, using ‘state of the art’ 3D Mobile LiDAR / NSV, UAV / Drone, DGPS, ETS, RS & GIS technology.

The key points of using ‘Leica Pegasus Two’ Survey Grade ‘Mobile LiDAR’ Technology for carrying out the Topographic Survey of single, double & multiple line Railway projects are:

  • 1 mm Least count of Z+F 9012 Laser profiler, with 119 m range & data acquisition rate of 1 million points / second.
  • Inbuilt Survey grade IMU / GNSS for generating LiDAR datasets of absolute accuracy + / – 2 cm.
  • LiDAR data capture upto 100 Route Km in one day using ‘Tower Wagon’ or ‘Motorized Trolley’.
  • Feature extraction using ‘Leica Map Factory’ software & delivery in AutoCAD
    *.dwg / ArcGIS *.shp formats.
  • Delivery of ‘3D Point Cloud’ data in
    *.LAS, *.HPC formats with 360 degrees view CCD camera data & ‘Leica Pegasus Manager’ Viewing software.

With the use of Mobile LiDAR technology, dense 3D point cloud laser dataset along with the 360 degree view photographs are captured, with high speed of data acquisition. Along with the inbuilt high precision GNSS and IMU in the Leica Pegasus Two LiDAR system, the DGPS base station measurement are observed to ensure generation of accurate ‘trajectory file’, used for registration of the captured 3D point cloud and camera data. The point, line and polygon feature extraction from the LiDAR dataset is carried out using the ‘Leica Mapfactory Advanced – Arc GIS’ multiple software licenses. The 3D Topographic survey plan is generated in AutoCAD *.dwg / ArcGIS *.shp formats along with the other deliveries like photograph / Video files and 3D Point Cloud’ data in *.LAS, *.HPC formats.

The implementation of Mobile LiDAR technology will be highly beneficial & prove to be a game changer for carrying out the Topographic surveys of Indian Railways’ tracks covering a route length of 67,956 Km, which is the largest rail network in Asia.

Prashant Advanced Survey LLP
204, Mayfair Arcade, 563 Nana Peth, Besides Chacha Halwai, Laxmi Road, Pune – 411002, India. Contact Person: Mr. Prashant S. Alatgi ( Designated Partner ) +91 9890055670,

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