Product Expertise: Next Stop, Future – Ready Mass Transit How to ensure your trackside (Wayside) Networks meet the demands of tomorrow

Mr. Sven Burkard, Solution Consultant, Belden India Private Limited

With the worst of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in the rear-view mirror, the mass transit sector is rebounding as the industry works toward a more connected, efficient, and passenger-friendly future. The pandemic put the brakes on mass transit, with ridership declining by 40% to 100% depending on the region, and a global average drop of about 70%.

The lull in travel, however, offered many operators an opportunity to implement new technologies to improve their mass transit systems. These updates enable railroads to better harness the massive volumes of data available to them and use insights from that data to improve safety, security, and reliability.

Against this backdrop, experts expect wayside infrastructure to become even more significant. Future-thinking owners and operators are looking to wayside infrastructure as the key to reducing costs and improving performance.

  • They seek to reduce the number of safety and security incidents through surveillance and monitoring improvements.
  • They’re looking to monitor and automate rail infrastructure assets to reduce unplanned failures and maintenance costs.
  • They’re automating train operations to increase ridership and reduce headway without negatively impacting operations, maintenance, or safety.

At Belden, we understand the critical importance of networks and connectivity to driving outcomes across all these areas. As owners and operators increasingly adopt automation technologies enabling end – to – end communication and real-time data exchange, the demands on networks will only increase.

We hold expertise in what you need to know to build a wayside network that’s not only suited for the needs of today, but also ready to deliver what we haven’t yet imagined for tomorrow.

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