Product Expertise: Pioneers Of Wheelset Solutions by Bonatrans India Private Limited

GHH-BONATRANS represents an impressive part of the history of wheelset design and manufacturing. Generations of true experts continuously contribute to the evolution of the wheelset. Respecting the past but looking ahead, the pioneers of wheelset manufacturing produce premium solutions for the railways of the world.

Bonatrans India Private Limited, operational since 2016, is proudly serving Indian Railways and Metro Rail Corporations. With GHH-BONATRANS’ strong background of proven performance, Bonatrans India is capable of providing complete wheelset solutions for newly-built as well as existing locomotives, metro cars and other passenger applications, and supplying a full range of first-class products and reliable solutions for Indian and other worldwide markets.

The never-ending spirit of curiosity and passion for perfection enables the birth of new innovative solutions that drive the industry forwards.

  • The premium supplier for wheels, axles, and wheelsets
  • More than 200 years of proven performance history
  • For all types of rolling stock, including trams and metros
  • For all major railways and rolling stock manufacturers
  • More than 80 countries delivered worldwide
  • BONAXLE is innovative induction-hardened axle
  • It is our solution to the requirements of increased safety and reliability
  • It also brings significant decrease of life-cycle costs (LCC)
  • It is likely to bring paradigmatic change in railways
  • It achieved to improve the technology already well established in Japan by adapting it to the conventional European geometry and steel
  • BONATRANS achieves reduction of the vibration (and thus also noise) of wheels in operation by application of specially developed noise absorbers mounted on the wheels.
  • Not limited by the wheel service ife
  • Low weight in relation to the wheel diameter
  • Simple maintenance
  • The noise absorbers made by BONATRANS are able to achieve absorption of the rolling noise by up to 7 dB(A), while the most unpleasant squealing noise of wheels equipped with BONATRANS noise absorbers is up to 30 dB(A) lower than that of wheels without absorbers, especially in the significant frequency bands.
  • BONASTAR is a range of enhanced steel grades used for the manufacture of all types of carriage, locomotive and freight wheels (solid wheels as well as tyres)
  • It fully meet the requirements of applicable standards, but compared to standard grades give the user significant benefits, such as a 30% longer life
  • This considerably longer life in terms of the mileage is the result of the enhanced fatigue life of the wheel web and the higher hardness and strength of its rim and
  • Last but not the least, the (unreduced) high level of plasticity.
  • Ultimately BONASTAR reduces wheelset’s LCC and increases its reliability and safety.
  • BONACOAT” is a range of coating systems for the protection of wheelsets (and their components)
  • Application in high-speed trains and other rail vehicles for transporting passengers and freight
  • It increases the wheelset’s resilience against mechanical damage, corrosion and cyclic stresses
  • BONACOAT significantly contributes towards the reduction of the wheelset’s LCC, and increases its operation safety

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