Product Expertise: Platform Screen Doors/Gate

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The mass transportation systems have been undergoing a sea change in terms of safety ideas and initiatives, given that public safety has made its own way to the pinnacle of government responsibilities. With both government as well as common masses voicing the need for safety systems Platform Screen Doors have gained massive popularity across fast-rowing metropolitan cities.

Risk minimization in public transport spaces has always been along-term goal for government across various economies and shall always be the focal-point. Platform accidents have always been a key concern injuring millions, thus the necessity of effective systems for safe commuting of passengers continued vexing minds of governments and common masses alike from the last ‘n’ number of years is conducive. Platform Screen Doors(PSDs) marked a full-stop to the conventional tactics and were highly acknowledged for their unmatched effectiveness.

The growing penetration of Platform Screen Doors in the recent years, which is likely to further scale upwards in the near future due to their un-matched safety features:

  • Separation between tracks and platform: Full Physical separation barrier between the platform and the track.
  • Prevent accidental falls on to the track area: Prevent the passenger from falling on to the track area caused by negligence or congestion, there by ensuring passenger safety.
  • Prevent train noise and wind: The airtight structure effectively blocks the incoming train noise, wind and dust to the maximum.
  • Improve climate control: Heating and air conditioning is more effective resulting in amenities and reduced energy bills
  • Improve sound quality: Improve the sound quality of platform announcements, as background noise from the tunnels and trains that are entering or exiting is reduced.

Apart from safety being the larger and bigger objective Platform Screen Doors are also being enormously acknowledged for their contribution to the over all passenger comfort and stations’aesthetic appeal.

RT Vision and PSD Business:

  • In the cut throat competition of becoming a Tier-1 company for PSD business around the world, RT Vision Technologies Pvt Ltd emerged as the “FIRST INDIAN MANUFACTURING COMPANY”
  • RT Vision has grabbed the first order of approx. 100Mn Rupees from Delhi Metro Rail Corporation under Hon. Prime Minister’s ambitious “MAKE IN INDIA PROGRAMME”.
  • RT Vision possess experienced design engineers, world Class infrastructure and manufacturing capabilities to meet the project timeline for successful delivery of project.
  • The Platform Screen Doors and their constituent parts complied with the relevant latest version of British Standards(BS), European Standards(EN), International Electromechanical Commission (IEC) Standards, International Organization for Specification (ISO) Standards and Reliability Safety Standards (SIL).
  • RT Vision is an old player(approx.15years) in Railway Signaling having state of art R&D and know-how of Indian Railway/ Metro business environment which provides ease in developing and meeting the deadline of the Project The scope of supply includes the Design, Coordination, construction and testing, validation, Manufacture, Supply, Transportation, Delivery, Installation, Testing, Performance verification and demonstration, Commissioning and Maintenance of Full Height Platform Screen Doors (PSD) with Emergency escape doors of 2.15 meter full height, making train operations faster and safer. In place of typical fixed glass panels,the Emergency escape doors (EED’s)

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