Product Expertise: Reliable and high performance relays for rolling stock applications

Arteche designs, manufactures, tests and validates every unit of its range of Railway Relays in its main factory located in Spain. The expertise of more than 60 years manufacturing electromechanical relays gives the client the assurance of a technological leader. The dedicated range of railway relays are designed to meet and exceed the reference standards for rolling stock applications, such as IEC 60077 (Electric equipment for rolling stock), EN 50155 (Electronic equipment for rolling stock) and EN-45545-2 (Fire protection on railway vehicles).

Arteche relays have extremely high MTTF (Mean Time To Failure) values. Its reliability and durability allow them to be used not only as a general purpose relay, but also in all kind of safety functions, both in on-board and in signalling applications, making them suitable to be used in circuits requiring up to SIL- 4 safety integrity level.

In order to fulfil the requirements to use them in safety applications, the relays are designed following IEC 61810-3 / EN-50205 (Forcibly guided – Weld NoTransfer Contacts) standard. This standard requires that if by any means a NO (normally open) contact fails to open when the relay is de- energized, none of the NC (normally closed) shall close. Inversely, if any NC contact fails to open when the relay is energized, no NO contact shall close. These conditions will apply through the lifetime of the relay, and under all reasonable failure modes, enabling thus the correct monitoring of the relay operation by restraining contradictory signals of the relay’s output contacts. This feature is assured by a mechanism that mechanically links all contacts together.

Arteche offers a reduced number of 2,4 and 8 contact Instantaneous and Timer Relays with forcibly guided contacts as per default that allow them to be used both on general purpose and safety applications, promoting product standardisation that will ease the design, procurement and maintenance programs of the customer.

” Present in over 40 countries, more than 80.000 relays are installed per year in projects all over the world. Some of the most trusted clients include CAF, Hyundai Rotem, CRRC, Thales, Alstom-Bombardier and Siemens. “

Since 208, when Arteche first introduced its relays in the Delhi Metro Airport Rail Link project, the company has been extensively promoting its product in India by stablishing a regional office from which close local product support is offered. Arteche Relays are successfully running in Metros, EMU, MEMU, Trains & Electric Locos & Diesel Locos, since past few years in India through participation in various diverse projects of Indian Railways (through valued customers like, Medha, BHEL, BEML, Bombardier / Alstom….etc.), Ensuring the Continuous Growth & Commitment of the Company in the Country.

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