Product Expertise: Studer Cables AG

The new brand in the international cable industry for cable solutions & systems stands for

Safety & Reliability

Leading company for safety cables, Our products meet national and international standards.


All cables are halogen-free (no PVC) BETA crosslinked (no chemistry) For us, sustainable means not only environmental friendly production but also long lasting, high quality products. Our commitment : Reliability at lowest possible Life Cycle Cost, whilst surpassing global safely standards.


All products are developed and manufactured in Däniken (Switzerland)


Economic, ecological and socially responsible acting

Rolling Stock Experties

Over 35 years in the industry worldwide, including India ( from 2006 to 2021 as Leoni Studer) 2022 Milestone: Strategic partnership with HARTING Technology Group

Company Data

  • 0,25 mm2 – 630 mm2 cable cross-section ranges.
  • Own compound development
  • Internationally represented in over 40 countries
  • Guaranteed Swiss quality (Certificates 9001 / 14001/ 45001 / IRIS, CSR from EcoVadis certified.
  • Innovative & globally leading provider of intelligent solutions for cables & cable systems

Core Competencies

  • Specialist for FRNC* and HFFR** materials
  • Customised development & manufacturing of cable solutions & systems
  • Multilayer extrusion (4 layers simultaneously)
  • One of the largest irradiation centres in Europe (6 beamlines from 1 MeV to 3 MeV)


  • BETApower® (Energy & Infrastructure)
  • BETAflam® (Energy & Infrastructure)
  • SOLARpower® (Energy & Infrastructure)
  • BETAflam® (Industry)
  • BETAtherm® (Rolling Stock, Industry)
  • BETAtrans® (Rolling Stock)
  • BETAjet® (E Mobility)
  • BETAcharge® (E Mobility)
  • ROFLEX® (Industry & Infra)
  • TRAFOflex® (Energy & Infrastructure)

SERVICES Electron Beam Cross-Linking

  • Cross-linking as well as customised and demand-oriented modification of plastics
  • Optimisation of temperature and chemical resistance
  • Improvement of bending and abrasion resistance
  • Increase in solvent resistance (increased swelling resistance)
  • Increased longevity

SERVICES Plastics Development And Compounding

  • Production of own compounds
  • In-house development and production of FRNC and HFFR compounds (halogen-free and flame retardant)
  • Materials for flame retardancy, flexibility & resistance to various media as well as mechanical loads
  • Own state-of-the-art testing facilities for
  • Fire tests
  • Ageing simulation
  • Mechanical and chemical stress

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